Saturday, March 30, 2013

She's Just That Cute

This wasn't posed or themed or styled.
This is just Libby.
She's just that cute.

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Emily Jean

People stared as we snapped away outside of the bike shop… and I mean stared. It's as if they thought we were dancing purple cows in tutus. So we scurried away to a beautiful red church door where a man walked by, made some *ahem* interesting comments, and left us in stitches of laughter. Next, we trekked to the Po' Boys shop to get some fried macaroni and cheese thingymabobbers, which were delicious, by the way. However, I wouldn't recommend stuffing yourself with them before you go to a vintage clothing store where all the dresses have twenty-inch waists.

With the film left in Emily's camera, we resolved to take a photo together, in which we were "legitimately laughing". I saw the print last week… I look a little quizzical and Em was laughing hysterically. That's pretty accurate if you ask me. We wrapped up the night with dinner in a basement pizza shop where we made a spectacle at the counter and shared a large soda and talked about Jesus and prayed and wrote song lyrics on a napkin for a worker. That night completely inspired me, as she told me of how her grandpa led a woman to the Lord just minutes before he died. And how he lived his life in that way. We talked and talked, and struggled with issues twisting around inside us about courage and honesty and unabashed boldness for Christ. I want to be able to do that we said. I want to be fearless like that and just spread His name all the time. We're on a journey. And I'll trust that the Lord will work through us over time, that we'll learn to speak the Truth with boldness and courage.

Without further ado, here's Emily the lovely actress-singer-artist-tapper-laugher-photographer-friend:

 Does she have a stunner smile or what?
Yes, yes she does.
Did I mention that tomorrow is her birthday?
Well, it sure is!

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Emily!