Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer Frames

Summer has drawn to a close, I suppose, but the last month of it was perfectly marvelous. My new 5D Mark II and 50mm 1.4 lens arrived a few weeks ago (!!!) and I've begun to really pick it up during the moments that matter most. Real life moments, moments with friends who visit from halfway across the globe, moments with growing babies + kiddos. Moments zipping around together in our favorite car, moments with cousins + grandparents + hot air balloons, moments of learning and growing, day-off moments in the park with your friends who are more like a second family, acting more like little kids than teenagers, coloring, sketching, eating {too many} sweets, and listening to the symphony. Moments spent walking to the library with them, giggling and whispering, perhaps disturbing the peace a little. Moments spent fulfilling tradition with our barefoot walks, talking like always, but getting a little bit deeper each time. These moments are the ones to remember and the ones I'll treasure.

"Awkward Family Photos" ;) 

post script: I haven't been posting as frequently lately (obviously) and I've even thought about stopping posting on this blog altogether. But in the past month or so, I've gotten feedback from lots of you, especially people I know in "real life" that has been so encouraging! I didn't even know that some of you read my blog, and just makes me happy to know that you're enjoying my little pieces of work in some small way. So thanks for sticking with me, friends!