Monday, January 20, 2014

City Snaps

We took a weekend trip to Lincoln, Nebraska for an "experimental theater production" that an old friend or ours wrote and put on. (It was fantastic.) I spent the first part of my childhood in this city, so it was a blast to spend time in it again, exploring and snapping pictures this time. First trip of 2014: check. Next stop: Tennessee. (yay!)

Where's your favorite place to travel?

Monday, January 13, 2014

This morning my phone alarm went off every ten minutes for almost an hour, until I finally pulled myself out of bed, ready to start school again and "attack the day with enthusiasm"… or rather, some really heavy eyelids. Pulling on some jeans and a mustard cardigan, I thought about how nice it actually is to have some routine back in daily life. But at the same time, I wished I could just keep on learning the way I did on break: read books, scribble down lots of thoughts and the events of the day for posterity, practice typography, plunk out tunes at the piano, babysit kids, and watch a certain TV show until waay past bedtime. Okay, maybe that last one isn't teaching me much, but at least it provides some major sister-bonding time. 

When I ran downstairs for breakfast, I saw the early morning light that I had forgotten about for the past three weeks, due to the fact that I can sleep past eight when I'm not doing school… and because of that TV show, I guess. My first reaction when I saw that light was to pick up my camera. (pictures above :)) Unfortunately, that hasn't been my reaction to much of anything lately. I've been so stressed and preoccupied with trying to make my photography website, figure out pricing and products, and shooting for clients that I haven't taken the time to shoot for pleasure much at all. I've been so concerned with being professional that I've lost the natural impulse of creativity. And I'm realizing more and more that creativity is really important. 

Right now I'm reading a book called A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman. In this book she talks about how we are art; we're made to live art and create art through our lives. She talks about how we can bring God glory through the art that we make and live, and really, by fully being who He created us to be. "Jesus reminds us we are art and empowers us to make art. There isn't only one right way to do the job of glorifying God. There are many ways, a million little ways, that Christ is formed in us and spills out of us into the world," she says. I love the idea that God can be glorified through us, simply by doing what makes us alive. 

Recently I have become very convinced that I was created to create; it's what makes me come alive. From photographs to paintings, music to guacamole, typography to words of encouragement. And I want to start living a life that prioritizes creativity. I have a great talent of wasting time, and it really stinks, ya know? I have an entire day in front of me and I can squander it in the most foolish ways. But I want to move toward living with passion and creative ambition rather than apathy and passivity. Through this, I hope that God will be glorified as I become more alive and more me. 

There's so much more I could say about creativity, but I'll save it for another time. I hope that you're encouraged to dig up the creativity that you were born with and I hope that you discover the art that you were made to live. 

*all photos SOOC today, in the name of authenticity :)*

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In the Hues of Walter Mitty

You all have seen this lovely sister of mine before. But you probably haven't seen her since she got her braces off, grew taller than me, and donned new Christmas clothes in the most perfect colors (grey-blue and bright red).

For a family outing a few days ago, we went to the movies and ended up seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Positively everything about that movie was wonderful-- the cinematography, actors, music, story and the colors. Libs and I noticed that at the beginning, the color scheme is mostly grey, blue, and grey-blue. From his clothes to his workspace, etc. But later on, as he branches out on adventures, this quiet, awkward guy becomes bold. In stead of choosing the blue [familiar] car, he chooses the red one. His new clothes are red, etc. Red also matches the LIFE logo on the magazine for which he works. As he starts living life, the world becomes more colorful and exciting, and he starts living his dreams in stead of just dreaming them.

All that to say,  (a) red and grey-blue are two of our favorite colors and (b) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is now one of our favorite movies. So when Libby put on this outfit, I obsessed over it until I realized why I liked it so much. And with that, we took the cameras and her Starbucks and shot for fifteen minutes. The result: some of my favorite pictures yet. Enjoy!

 I hope you all have a wonderful new year!