Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In the Hues of Walter Mitty

You all have seen this lovely sister of mine before. But you probably haven't seen her since she got her braces off, grew taller than me, and donned new Christmas clothes in the most perfect colors (grey-blue and bright red).

For a family outing a few days ago, we went to the movies and ended up seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Positively everything about that movie was wonderful-- the cinematography, actors, music, story and the colors. Libs and I noticed that at the beginning, the color scheme is mostly grey, blue, and grey-blue. From his clothes to his workspace, etc. But later on, as he branches out on adventures, this quiet, awkward guy becomes bold. In stead of choosing the blue [familiar] car, he chooses the red one. His new clothes are red, etc. Red also matches the LIFE logo on the magazine for which he works. As he starts living life, the world becomes more colorful and exciting, and he starts living his dreams in stead of just dreaming them.

All that to say,  (a) red and grey-blue are two of our favorite colors and (b) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is now one of our favorite movies. So when Libby put on this outfit, I obsessed over it until I realized why I liked it so much. And with that, we took the cameras and her Starbucks and shot for fifteen minutes. The result: some of my favorite pictures yet. Enjoy!

 I hope you all have a wonderful new year!


  1. wow... she has grown. Can't believe how much she looks like you!! She is beautiful (just like you & your mamma) and you did a great job capturing her!! Happy new year!!


  2. ps. new site up soon? I can't wait! :D

  3. oh my! she's stunning. (i also adore the colors!)
    and now i really need to watch that movie.

  4. Love. Still haven't had time to return your email! Trust me, I will before school starts back! :)

  5. I just saw that movie today! SO GOOD. It was breathtakingly beautiful. All of it.

  6. i really want to see that movie! the original has Danny Kaye and is one of my fave old movies.
    those pants are mucho gorgeous. i want some. xD lovely photos and your sis is a doll face!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! You captured her so wonderfully. xx

  8. Seriously, great thoughts on the movie! Never thought of how the colors matched how his life was changing. And beautiful pictures!

    *clinks starbucks cup to yours*



  9. Oh my goodness. These are truly amazing. Great job!! :D

  10. Your are a VERY good photographer. Keep it up!


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