Friday, December 6, 2013

The Artist

This is my brother. He's an artist who is studying to be an industrial designer, while being a barista, and really just wanting to make movies. Good movies. He wears bow ties and rides his bike a lot and helps with youth theater productions. All around, he's a pretty rad guy, if you ask me.

I randomly photographed him doing his thing for a few minutes the other day and I rather like how these turned out, simply because they're real, honest, and of my brother. Recent events have made me realize how important it is to photograph the people I love, even when no one feels like it.


  1. Lindsey. Oh my. This made my me smile (actually, more than smile --) beam. I logged into blogger and secretly whispered 'Ahw I hope there's at least one good post to read; I could use something refreshing now.' And you know what?! Yes, you guessed it - your post was the one (and only) post and oh oh my it was a good post! :)

    Anywayyy... your brother + his work is just amazing; I'd really like to have a big brother like that -- can I borrow yours for a bit? ;) Oh, and what was it that he was watercolour/sketching?

    xx A

    PS you captured the whole ambiance of the room, art work, and him perfectly. i just... can't say more than that, really!

  2. This post is awesome beans and your bro has fantastic taste in eye wear ;)

  3. these are so so good, lindsey. you captured him and his artsy-ness so well.
    i love the 1st and 6th shot!
    xx. -marcia

  4. Wow, this set is absolutely fantastic. Love the honesty of it and the lighting too is lovely.


  5. Found your blog via pinterest (woot!) and surfed around a bit.. you have an eye for unique photos! Beautiful work. :)

  6. Older siblings seem like the best...I wish I had one! Love, LOVE the pictures sweet one!
    PS. I got your sweet email...don't worry, you didn't scare me...too much ;)

  7. You captured him well Lindsey! Looks like the lighting/ wb was a little tricky, but you nailed it! Crazy how much he looks like your dad and your mom.

  8. he sounds super rad. i love these lindsey! (and that sketch legit looks like him). ;) x


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