Monday, March 26, 2012

I'd take more days like this one

If there's such thing as a 'perfect typical day' I'm sure that today would have to be it...

Getting back to school after spring break // waking up early to read my Bible with the chirping birds and 
golden sun // scrawling out a letter to my lovely friend, Carolyn // sipping a delicious smoothie for 
breakfast... that contained well-hidden spinach. Yay for veggies in my breakfast! // very productive school time // taking a break during math to read a fairytale // wasting less than 10 minutes on the internet-- the whole day! // using my time in stead to read (Audrey Hepburn biography) // planting chamomile // getting nearly sunburned in March // doing history with my mamma and sister in the back yard, wearing our swimsuit tops and getting tan :) // eating salad and a bajillion carrots with lunch // running three miles, nearly stopping to walk because the heat was killing me, but finishing and feeling victorious // stir fry for dinner // a crescent moon. 
Simply too perfect. Thank you, Lord!

If you had a perfect day, what would it look like? What time of year would it be, would it matter what you wore or when you woke up? Tell me about it!

Oh, and as for the Hunger Games premier, it was an exciting and eventful night. I have a few little adjustments I would've made with the movie, but for the most part I thought they did a really good job on it, especially for what a detailed book it is. 

Sophi, Em, Adelle [Nina], and me
Now I have to tell you, at the premier I was dressed up as Katniss and there was a boy I spotted dressed as Peeta... and after talking to my friend Sophi who was dressed as the same, we decided to ask for a picture with him. Well, it was more like me running and yelling, 
 "Peeeeeettttaaaaaaa! Can we get a picture with you? See? Look! I'm Katniss, she's Katniss, we're both Katniss!! Can we have a picture together?? Please?" 
Umm, yeah, so I kind of overdid it. He just looked at me like oh my gosh, you are so crazy. I think I might have scared him. A lot. And I'm not some boy-crazy gal who begs for pictures with random costumed people... actually I'd never done something like this in my life. I was nervous and my words came out garbled, making me look like a fool. But I'll probably never see him again, and it was memorable, so what did I lose? Exactly. Nothing.

Peeeeettttaaaa! ;)
What did you think of the movie?

Love, a hug, and fresh chamomile,
Lindsey Lou

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, how God can paint with water droplets!

I awake after nightmares about an awful premier, roused by my mother who asked that I get up and walk the dog. Braiding my hair loosely, I let it fall over my shoulder and pull on a pair of old jeans, cut off right below my knee. After I tromp lazily down the stairs, Penny looks at me expectantly when I ask her if she’d like to go on a walk.  I find some miss-matched socks and pull on an old pair of converse, ready to breathe in the fresh morning air. We set off for a pleasant two miles. But somehow I forgot to bring Hobart, so once I return my pup to the house, I find my camera and set out again. Stopping every few minutes to capture every bit of this rain-sprinkled beauty possible, I can’t help but marvel, Isn’t God the greatest artist ever? Yes, I do believe He is. And I can't believe that I get the honor of capturing His work. We all do.

Love and a lovely day to you,

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything...

Hello, y'all! My goodness, it's been a while! You see, my life has been a bit crazy... and by 'a bit crazy' I mean really crazy. You know my cat? The gray one who likes to pee on things? She has marked her territory on well over 60 items in our house over the years and the number has been increasing rapidly as of late. Steam cleaning couches and other items multiple times isn't too easy, nor is it enjoyable, and it also takes up a lot of time. Like about 30 hours of my mother's weekend. Long story short, my precious little kitty had to go away, and I hope she finds a new home soon. I'm kind of sad since we've had her for over 6 years, but I don't show it and I certainly won't cry. But please don't think I'm insensitive-- I do care, I'm just not very caring, if that makes sense. In addition to this, our water heater broke on saturday night (which is now replaced, praise the Lord!) and my dad's car battery broke too, but that's a little more minor. Our weekend was basically just a comedy of errors.

Now, for a Hunger Games tag I received from Jessica!

1. Your sister's/brother's/best friend's name gets called at the reaping. What is your immediate reaction? 
I would like to believe that without hesitation I would volunteer. I would probably hear Libby's name called, register what was happening, imagine her trying to fight in the arena, but be unable to bear the thought of it, and volunteer.

2. In the training center, there are several different stations to practice your skills, some of them being how to camouflage yourself, archery, sword training, climbing, spear throwing, hand-to-hand combat (wrestling), and agility. Which one would you head for? 
I would have to decide between climbing and wrestling. Climbing because it could keep me hidden, but able to see what's going on (and because I enjoy it). Wrestling because I would have a hard time hurting someone bloodily (spear or sword, although I think I could use archery) and I feel like I could get really aggressive and maybe knock someone out.

3. You're in the arena and the countdown has just started. When the cannon goes off, what's your strategy? Grab necessary supplies, and then run for my life. Avoid contact with anyone. Find a hidden place and formulate a plan.

4. You are feeling like you're being watched. You glance over your shoulder and sure enough, the youngest tribute in the Games is watching you. What do you do? In the arena? I'll probably want, with every bone in my body to help her by allying, but keep moving, realizing that she might slow me down. . .Then I'll regret it every next minute.

5. There are only four tributes left in the arena, including you. What do you do? If I'm allied, I'll break up the alliance. Probably use a very Foxface-ish approach. Stay low profile and wait till someone attacks another tribute. Then maybe close in, or just wait until the others starve.

6. Which supporting character are you most like and why? I'm not really like many of the supporting characters at all. Maybe Cinna because he's artistic. But not really.

7. Which supporting character is your favorite? I'm pretty sure it's Finnick for his character. However, there are so many good characters that I can't really pick a fave. 

Okay, now I'll tag a few:

And I know there are a lot more of you who are Hunger Games fans... I just don't have time or energy to track you all down, so if you like HG just consider yourself tagged. :)

Oh, also, I'm such a geek that I thrifted for a Katniss costume. Would any of you like to see it? Let me know. 

Here's some stolen loveliness...

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

Number three is my absolute favorite. It made me laugh so hard the first time I read it! What's your favorite?

Love and a hug,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Part two!