Monday, March 5, 2012

Because I'm just that nerdy

After a nice productive day of school, do you know what I did with my first free 30 minutes?

Well... I pulled out my ginormous, very own, thrifted, $3, lovely Unabridged Dictionary. :) And then I grabbed a list of words. A list of words that I don't know, which I keep in the current biography I'm reading. And I looked up their definitions, imagined how I'd put them into sentences, and wrote them down in my journal. Of course I won't use many of them every day, but maybe they'll at least come in handy on the SAT. :)

Here are a few for you:

obfuscate -- to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy

recalcitrant-- resisting authority or control; not obedient or compliant; refractory

solicitous-- anxious or concerned; anxiously desirous; eager; careful or particular

That was your nerd moment of the day. Now use one of these today and make me proud. :)

Love, cinnamon graham crackers, and a hug,

Lindsey Lou


  1. and those words are most likely already added or are soon to be added to the sat smartypants word dictionary. yay. ;) nice, lindsey :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Haha... :) I love words like that. Words that obfuscate people. ;)
    -Mikailah ><>

  3. lou-
    first of all, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! second, it's okay. we're all nerdy at times, liking big words and such. :) and other times, i just create my own. my current creation >>>> spantacular. =]


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