Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, how God can paint with water droplets!

I awake after nightmares about an awful premier, roused by my mother who asked that I get up and walk the dog. Braiding my hair loosely, I let it fall over my shoulder and pull on a pair of old jeans, cut off right below my knee. After I tromp lazily down the stairs, Penny looks at me expectantly when I ask her if she’d like to go on a walk.  I find some miss-matched socks and pull on an old pair of converse, ready to breathe in the fresh morning air. We set off for a pleasant two miles. But somehow I forgot to bring Hobart, so once I return my pup to the house, I find my camera and set out again. Stopping every few minutes to capture every bit of this rain-sprinkled beauty possible, I can’t help but marvel, Isn’t God the greatest artist ever? Yes, I do believe He is. And I can't believe that I get the honor of capturing His work. We all do.

Love and a lovely day to you,


  1. Absolutely beautiful! :) I am wearing cutoff jeans and just bought my third pair of converse the other day!! :)

  2. oh, my. your photography is breathtaking♥ this post makes me feel... 'refreshed.'
    i absolutely love your blog -- just had to say it ;D


  3. oh, how lindsey can paint with a camera! seriously, my backyard is full of these and I can never seem to get a good picture of them. beautiful post!

  4. You totally made me want to go outside and get some exercise... with my camera, of course!
    Your photos are STUNNING! I need a 50mm lens. Officially the next thing I'm going to be saving up for.

    eve @ essence of eve

  5. Wow! What pretty flowers and such a fabulous photographer! Me likey:)

  6. Amen! That's why I am in love with Photography :) BEAUTIFUL SHOTS!!!! :)

  7. AHHhh these are beauitful! What a natural!

  8. These photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's like you've told a whole story with these!

  9. LOVE THIS!! Especially the second one of the purple flowering tree. Well done!!

  10. I love this title! Everything you said about God is so true! It's such a blessing that you have the eyes to see that, and the camera to help us see it too :) This made my day.

  11. Let me first say, I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! so so gorgeous. you are very talented!
    second, i got your lovely comment on my blog and it made my day. I'm so glad to have a stargate atlantis obsess-er buddy!
    And to answer your question, no i've never been in another movie but i did very much enjoy being in the hunger games and i hope to be in more!

  12. This is gorgeous. everything about it is gorgeous. Linds, you are such a gifted writer and photographer. And I really see the Lord using you in that way. This is just lovely. And the pictures are breathtaking, and really do capture the beauty the Lord created. :)


  13. Okay, these pictures are fantastic!! They really remind me of my nature pictures! Hope that's a compliment. Haha. I love your blog!


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