Sunday, December 1, 2013

Field Notes

Some October & November frames...

F I E L D  N O T E S
 - ->> a study of observations and life lessons << - -

- Going to a coffee shop is almost always a good idea, especially after being at home most days of the week. People watching is fascinating, my work is usually more inspired by the atmosphere, I get to see my brother and sometimes friends, and coffee drinks are delish. (My cash stash says otherwise, though.)

- When some friendships seem to be dying, a little effort goes a long way.

- Six mile bike rides to a wide open space will do a soul wonders. Bring along some books and notebooks and an hour of peace and quiet will make everything better. 

- I need to spend less time watching people live life (ahem. Instagram.) and spend more time just living life. 

- Books are good. Enough said.

- Sometimes the coolest friends have been staring you in the face for ten years, but you just don't realize it until you sneak out to the trampoline in the the freezing cold during a youth retreat with quilts and blankets, and gaze at the clear country sky until 1 a.m. 

- There's no guarantee of tomorrow, so live today well.

- It's good to slow down, power off, and be in quiet. It's in the quietness that God often speaks.


Also, this video is kind of my favorite thing since sliced bread. I've been singing that song for a couple of weeks straight. 


  1. Oh, Lindsey darling. These photos are whirling around a world of emotion and fall and nostalgia and generally autumnal gorgeousness -- you make me miss fall so much (it's spring on our end of the world!). I love your field notes; I've basically been saying all those things to myself this past week (like seriously. we're so similar!)

  2. Linsdey, sweet one I've missed your sweet words! Won;t you stay awhile? :) Love love love the photos and your sweet words!

  3. Yes! I've been trying to disconnect from twitter and instagram and know, being present. The more I unplug the more I *want* to unplug!

    Also, bike rides are just the best.

  4. love this! and your field notes are great. :) x


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