Monday, May 3, 2010

Cooking Success! (Finally)

Just a few nights ago, I was asked to make mashed potatoes to go with our dinner. I was a little bit worried. You see, I love to cook and bake, but somehow, all my attempts turn out as disasters. You can see in the pictures- banana bread- which I have no idea of why it turned out badly, cookies I made and baked, then put them back in the oven to cook for two minutes, but forgot to set the timer, then I got into my creative mode...oops. And lastly my angel food short cake- I didn't whip it long enough, then, I Picked it up from the bottom and batter came pouring out. I baked it and it had the texture of rubber. I can't say it tasted too good either. But finally I made these mashed potatoes and they turned out wonderfully. Ahh...

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  1. Hey Linds! I feel your pain with not being able to get certain things to turn out right. I'd just like to say that banana bread is the BANE of my existence. No matter WHAT I do, it will not cook clear through. Makes me so mad because I loooove that stuff. My mom's? Perfect every blasted time.

    I have a picture of my first--and last (yes, I'm a loser who gave up too quickly I'm sure)--attempt at an angel food cake. Yours was in way better shape than mine was. I've declared war on anything with egg whites.

    Have you tried PW's mashed potatoes yet? Enough fat in there to kill off ten people. But you should have seen that stuff disappear last Christmas...

    You should blog more. I like what you post!


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