Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hello, friend!

Well, I tried to write what was in my heart, but those muddled thoughts and feelings are now scrambled  and unfinished on a draft page. Goodness, sometimes I have a hard time making sense of them all.

But since they couldn't come out eloquently, I just want to talk to you non-eloquently in stead. Because I see you all as friends, and I miss talking. To start off the non-eloquence, I'm pretty sure that non-eloquence is grammatically incorrect. I just remembered. It's ineloquent. 

So how's life, friend?
And if you didn't mean that, I'd love to know the truth. There are no masks here.

Speaking of masks, I've been thinking how I want to be a little more authentic with you all. I haven't been putting up a facade or lying to you, no, but I just mostly post about happy things, joyful things, good things. And sometimes it even sounds like I preach at you. (sorry for that… maybe it's the pastor's -kid side of me.) But please know this: my life isn't perfect. I focus on the good things because I want my blog to be a blessing and a celebration of the good. And generally my journal is the best place for my struggles, considering that the whole world can see this. But just because I celebrate life here, it doesn't mean that I don't have those days too. The emotionally out-of-whack days when I almost cry over spilt milk. Or the go-away-from-me-please-I-just-want-to-be-alone days. (<< I have a lot of those.) And the days when I skip reading my Bible because I've got "more important" things to do. Days when I'm discontent with my photography. The bad hair days. The bad face days. Days wasted by judging. Days ruined by harsh words and harbored bitterness.

Yes, I have them all.
But the only reason I can celebrate through it all is because God is good. And faithful. And powerful.

So, what do you like to do in your free time? When no one is in the house?
Sometimes I tap dance in the garage and imagine that I could be as good as Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire. And then I dream about dancing in the kitchen with a mister eight or ten or fifteen years from now. When no one is home I play piano really loudly and sometimes I sing until I can't stand to hear my crackling voice any longer, which is usually two minutes. Last week everyone was gone and Mumford & Sons started on Spotify… I ran to the computer and turned the volume up until it couldn't go any higher. And then I ran around and danced like a crazy five-year-old. And all of a sudden I was carefree. (I kind of tweaked some muscles :))

I could ask you a million questions, friends. I know some of you very well, and others hardly at all, but I would love to get to know you a little better. Drop a comment, would ya? Tell me what you do in your free time and when no one is around, and what the most exciting thing you did today was. Or what your favorite childhood memory is, or what your favorite book is, and why. I think it would be cool if we could know each other a little bit better. Sincerely.
Let's be friends.

hug, hug.



  1. I'd love to be friends!! :) In my free time, I usually read, write, text and email my friends, and blog! :)And I daydream. ;) I also ride horses. :) When no one's around I write in my diary and I sing. My favorite book is probably Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. :) My favorite childhood memory is playing with my friend who used to live down the street from me! :)


  2. This post just put a huge smile on my face. And dear, dream to be Gene Kelly, i mean, Fred was good enough, but Gene. He was the beast of them all. i love that you tap, something i've *always* wanted to do. <3
    God IS so good and so faithful! ^_^
    Hmm, something I do in my alone free time? i read a whole lot, play my music very loudly, dance, sing at the top of my lungs, geek out to Doctor Who or paint. =)
    i always look forward to your posts!

  3. You tapdance?! so cool. I adore Fred Astaire + Gene Kelly. by chance, have you seen Singing in the Rain? One of the best old movies ever.

    free time...I doodle, play the piano, clean (I'm a "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS" kind of person), read, strum a little on my guitar, write letters, and slide around my house in socks.

    You're posts are wonderful, and I think all bloggers should have this sort of attitude. Not to have a "here-are-all-my-problems" but on the flipside, not a "my-life-is-perfect". There's definitely a very definable balance between the two.
    Love ya!

  4. hello, friend. so good to hear from you again. :) this was great, and i would totally love to get to know you better. (also, don't feel alone in dancing around the house when no one is home, hehe.)

    ( the alcove )

  5. when no one is around, i like to dance in my pajamas jamming to my favorite music (and do pointless photo shoots in the backyard) and the most exciting thing I did today was *accidentally* dropped my ipad (it's fine, haha!). i absolutely love hearing things like these from bloggers, definitely would want to know you better as well x


  6. aw! love this! i turn up the music all the way, dance around the house, & sing my loudest. even if i am off key. to 1d. maybe ;) xo

  7. When no one is around, I sing at the top of my lungs and dance to my favorite songs, take silly pictures, and dream about the future. Such a cute post!

  8. I relate in what you were saying about your blog. I've been thinking this about mine lately, so I understand.

    Oh, haha, I dance or skate around in the kitchen and sing really loudly when no one's around. :)

    I really like this post and the whole blog! God Bless!

  9. Hey. :) I kind of like your pictures. I think maybe you should think about being a photographer. :D

    Don't worry about putting everything out for the world to see. Some is fine, but God knows everything about you & every little thought in your brain, your good days, your bad days, your happy days, your sad days, your messy hair days, your good hair days, and everything in between. He cares about you!! (1 Peter 5:7. :) Don't be afraid to tell Him all the details.
    I care about you too :) Life has been crazy and there are bad days, but God is still God and HE is in control. There are some good days now and then, and for these I am thankful. :) Thanks for the reminder! I may try to call sometime. :)


    p.s. when no one is home, (which is rare) I listen (blare) music. I don't do much dancing though! Sometimes I put on a twirly, long, floor length denim skirt. It is fun to wash dishes in!!

  10. To say this 'makes me happy' would be an understatement. You know how people always seem to write long posts about the things they love and the talents they have? Well most-often, I think one can learn more about a person when you hear the 'not-so-good' aspects of their life rather than when you hear the 'best' aspects of their life. Oh, and this phrase = PERFECT ''....I'd love to know the truth. There are no masks here.'' Your faith and honesty shines through on your blog and I admire you for that SO much.

    Also, I've just proven the theory that we're twins. This post is basically... well, ME. I mean, it sounds JUST like me! I need be-alone days, too. I have really bad hair days (ugh, whyyyy?). 'Days ruined by harsh words and harboured bitterness.' -- yep, totally. Days wasted by judging -- happens to me far too often. Days when I'm discontented with my photography.

    And then this phrase struck me: But the only reason I can celebrate through it all is because God is good. And faithful. And powerful. AMEN!

    {Psst... I'm totally going to do that run-around-the-house-dance-like-crazy-(maybe)-tweak-a-muscle-and-turn-on-Spotify. Wanna join me? ;)}

    love you!

    xx Acacia

  11. Oh, goodness! I was just there too! Feeling like I was presenting a *perfect photographic person* (who likes alliteration!) and not liking it. I'm starting to figure out how to be more my real self, while still taking into account that this is the internet.
    Boy do I wish I had some tap-dance shoes! They're just too fun. I'm one of those people that play the piano on the table, the seat of the chair, the window...anywhere that makes a nice noise.
    I haven't been a follower reeeal long, but if you do want to know more about moi, I happen to be a lot like Natatlie (as I just found out)
    and I have trouble getting words out too, so alot of my posts are wordless.
    But when I do take the time and effort to get them out, people respond really well.
    So it's worth it.
    Anyway, keep snappin' 'cause I enjoy the results. =)


  12. AHH!! I love tap dancing! My friend and I are waiting to get to do tap dance lessons!

    In my free time I love to sing, act, read (what are your favorite books?), photograph, pretend I'm in a made up world (what's your favorite made-up world?), adventure (any adventuring tips? favorite place to adventure?) paint, draw, pretty much any type of art(what's your favorite type?) and just have fun!

    I love your blog, you make me laugh! I love to laugh and make people laugh! You also make me think long and hard, imagine and create!

    Sarah d.


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