Sunday, September 7, 2014

I don't have much to say except this:

1. The Farmer's Market is rad
2. Fall is coming

hashtag: if I were still fourteen, I would have followed number two with 1.9 billion exclamation marks

photo credit to Aleah 


  1. Love the pics! Farmers markets are a lot of fun, and fresh flower bouquets are the best!

  2. these are so beautiful! i adore all the vibrant colors and general happiness. and I especially love the two frames of your friend and you, absolute gorgeousness.

  3. farmers markets are so fun! (maybe it's all the food. ;))

  4. I think you captured the essence of the farmer's market perfectly (even though I have never been to a real one :) I LOVE the flowers. They go together wonderfully! Great job on your pictures as always!

  5. lolz the thing about being fourteen and the millions of exclamation points. we all had that point in our lives. hahah
    also dude your photography is incredible i don't know if you know that but it is 100%.
    Your blog is actually super cool and I get excited whenever I see that you've posted. You should totally post more often :)

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