Monday, February 15, 2010

Da Studio

Just a couple months ago, when I was talking with a friend, she got me thinking about a place for all my crafts. Before then, i'd been crafting in my room, at the kitchen table, on the step into our family room, in other people's rooms, etc., and I didn't have a space to make a mess and leave it. I mean, not that I need a space, but just for others sanity and convenience I thought it might be nice. So, after brainstorming long and hard we started building... or should I say my dad started building a studio in our storage room. It's about the size of a large walk-in closet and that's the way I like it. But my brother calls it 'the cupboard under the stairs', and when I'm in it he calls me Harry Potter. Oh well, at least I don't have to sleep in it.


  1. Love it! Don't you have the best dad in the world?!

  2. Hey--I saw it the other day, and I fell in LOVE with the colors! I'm so glad you have a great space that is yours. Craft on, my lovely friend!

  3. I love it!!! I have got to come over and see it in person! What a great space to be creative! Love your blog!


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