Friday, February 26, 2010


Drumroll, please... My latest creation! This is a messenger bag I made within the last week out of leftover Heather Bailey fabric. I designed the pattern, so if I was really smart, I would have taken photos during the process so you all could use it, but I didn't. Oh, well. I'll probably sew another one soon and make some sort of a pattern then. I realized a few flaws in it after it was finished, so it's probably better that I didn't make the pattern this time around anyway.
If there's anything you think I could do to improve it, please leave a comment!


  1. Linds! That's awesome! I covet your seamstress skills. I've got some super fun Amy Butler fabric that I'm just dying to get some time to create a couple bags, some jammies, and a few skirts and shirts with.

    For more fun fabric, check out

    Also, Amy Butler has FREE patterns (good ones!) on her website. Several, actually. I highly recommend them!

    I like seeing what you're creating. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lindsey-
    I have been looking and looking for a messenger bag pattern that I like. I have found alot but not one that I really, really like, so I think I am just going to wing it and make one myself combining all the ideas I have found. Yours is so cute!

    We have been working on bags here for a benefit for a girl in my church. I made one today, and I will put pictures on my blog soon!

    Thank you!


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