Monday, November 14, 2011

{in which i ramble about the delights of snail mail}

There is perhaps nothing more gratifying than sitting down to read a letter from a most beloved friend. When you discover that a beautiful square envelope is resting on your bed, just waiting to be opened and the contents savored delightedly. The way the envelope appears so crisp and sealed tight, with such a beautiful stamp... and that postmark that feels so affirming. And before all this, the humming sound of the mail man's truck (or whatever you want to call it) slinking down the street. Then the sound of him coming up the street, and stopping in front of the house. I wait eagerly, staring at him, hiding behind the curtains. He's stopped. Opening the mailbox. Putting down the flag. Pushing in the pile of letters and bills.   Wait one second... the second's up! I have flung the door open, and before he has even left the cul-de-sac, I have already retrieved the mail, excitedly fishing through it, crossing my fingers for something with my name on it. Every day for the past couple of months, I have been especially anxious for the letter I was promised by the someone I have told you a little about. As much as I want to believe that our friendship has been restored, and I will soon open the mailbox and find this lovely, long-awaited explanation, somehow I don't believe that day will ever come. Besides that letter, I am absolutely enthralled when I receive mail from Carolyn (aka Celia), Em, Nina (or Adelle), Sonya, Cindi, Rosie, and anyone else who feels like dropping me a note. In particular, today I received the loveliest and happiest card from Carolyn... definitely in the top five cards I have ever had the privilege of opening. I may just frame it. And here it is:

Now isn't this just lovely? Isn't it?? I'll answer for you. Yes it is. Well, that was the ineloquent ending to my ramble. Oh, and I'd love to hear about your snail mail opinions! :)

Much Love,

Lindsey Nicole


  1. Oh my goodness, this was so sweet! I loved it! That card is adorable! :)))

  2. you write so well. the end. seriously. i loved this post. and the photos. ditto what cindi said. oh my goodness, i love your blog. it's one of my favorites :))
    -jocee <3

  3. Cindi- Gracias! Isn't it cute?? I fell in love the moment I opened it.

    Jocee- thank you so much! Honestly sometimes I feel like my writing just flops, but that means a lot. Wow, I'm flattered *blush*. :) Love yours so much!!


  4. I love snail mail! :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! I used Photoshop CS5 to edit my photos. By the way, I followed you! :)

  5. Oh yes. Snail mail. So much fun!! I can't wait to open a letter I get either!!
    And you are lucky to have so many penpals. :-)
    Except when you have to write them all back. But then you have to remember how much fun it is to get a letter.:-)
    Oh well, I am rambling too.:-)
    Have a good day!! And the card is cute!


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