Sunday, November 20, 2011

Such a lovely weekend

This weekend was full of photos, a project, an outing to world market, and  c h o c o l a t e   s o u f f l e. YUM.
this moss was simply too beautiful to pass up.

I love the light in this one


simply too adorable.

a tiffin


and... Chocolate soufflé! This was made by my lovely sister, Libby. And it was beyond scrumptious.

... and what I wore today (sorry it's such a terrible picture)
My favorite dress: $5, thrifted
Boots: $30,
mustard tank: $5, downtown boutique
Favorite green sweater: $twenty something, old navy
Belt: my mother's, thrifted

I really love to thrift. Can you tell? :)

Much Love,

Lindsey Nicole


  1. you're just gorgeous! also, that souffle looks quite the deliciousness. also, i have this love thing with ramekins. i named mine :P great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Thank you, dearie! The soufflé WAS delicious! Oh, and yes, I think ramekins are very lovely.

  3. What a super cute outfit! :)
    And yummy! That looks delish!
    I wanted to come by and let you know I was grateful for your sweet comment on my blog, but then I got to looking around on your blog- and I LOVE IT! :) So I am following.

    I hope you come back by my blog, and maybe even decide to follow. :)


  4. What a lovely post, and beautiful pictures. I almost bought those boots, too cute. :))

  5. Oh my gosh that outfit is WAY too cute :)

  6. What a sweet post! The chocolate souffle looks delicous, your boots are super cute, and I am in love with your letter organizer! :)

  7. Girl! Your photos are so stunning. I'm about to get a new DSLR and I hope my pictures can turn out this pretty! love them!

  8. Thank you guys so much!
    Kaycie- DSLR's are so great! What kind are you getting?

  9. Wow, I just love love love your photos! You capture the little things so very beautifully. The dof is to die fore, and that chocolate souffle is making me hungry. This was incredibly lovely!


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