Sunday, April 1, 2012

oh, to sketch in the sun!

In my little hometown it has been pretty warm lately. I mean, not too scorching, just the hottest March ever recorded in Kansas. But the more time I spend in the sun, the more I love it. Yesterday I pulled out my sketch book and my little wooden man form (what's it called?) and sat atop a beach towel in the yard. Then I began to sketch. A character that has floated through my head for weeks. She's a farmer girl and she loves overalls and daisies. She's usually got dirt under her fingernails and converse on her feet. When she's not wearing converse, she's barefoot, sinking her feet into the mud and oozing it through her toes. Well, now she's sounding a lot like me, just much more storybook-like. Do you have any name suggestions?

you know how I hate taking self-portraits, but I did. And yes, I know it's blurry. :)

^ I got an Easter dress! 

I hope you all have a blessed week! Enjoy the week, remember who's making it beautiful, and remember our amazing Savior! 

Love, a hug, and cherry pie,

{p.s. so... I gave up sweets for the week and made myself accountable with my friend, Carolyn. So no, I didn't get to eat that cherry pie my daddy brought home :)} 


  1. so, you're adorable. and so is that outfit. and your photography? gush. no names now, but if i get one, i'll get back to you, dawlring :)
    -jocee <3

  2. I love the colored pencil pictures! naming things is lots of fun, but I always have a hard time coming up with names :) good luck!

  3. Oh, wow. Told you. Every time. They just keep getting better and better. ;) I could not possibly choose a favorite picture here. And your dress? What I can see, it may be one of the most adorable dresses ever--have I even mentioned that you have the greatest taste in clothes? well, you do. And your drawing, I love it. Can't think of a name--I stink at coming up with names. Seriously. :))


  4. You are so pretty, Lindsey! I LOVE the dress. Seriously love all your pictures, too.

  5. How 'bout AnnaBell? Or Anna Grace? Or Annelise? Or... :P Abagail.... Haha... All "a's"....

  6. Your pictures are beautiful, and so is your dress. I envy your skills with a pencil... My own sketches have never quite progressed past the stick figure stage. ;)

    ~ Abby

  7. Georgia. It means farmer girl.

  8. I agree with Simon! Georgia is a beautiful name :) That or Mandy :D

    ps great pictures, love the Easter dress :D

  9. Her name could be Elise. Or Lindsey. :) I like your dress!! And the picture of the colored pencils. The color just says SPRING!!!

    Hope your fast thingie from sweets goes good. I need to do that sometime. But it might be for like 2 days or something. :) (i probably couldn't last any longer. haha.)

  10. Quite the lovely post, m'dear! Just wonderful.

  11. wonderful pictures with beautiful layout : )
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