Monday, April 23, 2012

A week in pictures.

after curling my friend's hair, I  snapped a few pictures...

{my personal favorite}

... and this is my small group. :) usually we're a bit more calm and thoughtful. 
Finished my research report today (!!!) // I'm behind on algebra 2, so I get to have two-a-days... although I can barely handle one lesson // saw some lovely friends over the week // finished my research report // had a party with my small group (last photo) // trying to find a little time to relax... not too successful until my head hits the pillow and I daydream for an hour :) // babysitting the cutest kids in the world // finished my research report // planning for summer.

Oh, and did I mention? I finished my research report! 
;) sorry, it's just been such a difficult experience that I'm so free and I have to share my excitement with someone.

Also, my small group leader (the lovely one on the right end-- she's really amazing) challenged us to find a life verse to memorize. After looking a bit, I chose Philippians 2:1-11. It's about imitating Christ's humility, and I find it's really a good passage to strive to live by. You should look it up.

Off to do my favorite bedtime activity... math! 

Lindsey Lou

{p.s. how on earth am I blessed with 93 of you?? Y'all are THE BEST!}


  1. oh wow these are beautiful pictures! i especially like the 6th and 21st one, the sunflare, and your multi-colored toenails. (:
    sounds like a fun past week; have a good day! (:

    xo, oriana

  2. i think you're pretty, just saying.
    -jocee <3

  3. Lovely pictures my dear!! :) Aw, and I can totally sympathize with you on math! I can barely get through one a day too, and I'm going to have to start doubleing up too! :( Math is such a joy, isn't it? Haha, and yes that was sarcasm. Also, I saw your comment through my email, but for some reason it's not showing up when I go to my blog! Anyhow, thanks dear! You have been so sweet today with your fb and blog comments! :) Love you! And yes, we must hang out soon!! Haha, and now, before this turns into the longest comment ever, I'm going to sign off! :)


  4. Aww, lovely! Yay for finishing the essay! I love the bunny picture. Those sun flares are gorgeous. Your photography is just....well, there are no words to describe it because it's so lovely. I think you are amazing. And we need to hang out soon. And your gorgeous. :))))))

  5. Love, love, love. :) Your photography is just beautiful. :) I love the sun-flares. And you and your friends are beautiful. Yep. :)

    Mikailah @

  6. Love your photos. They never fail to make me smile :)

  7. your photos are so pretty! :)


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