Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taking The Next Step

I don't know when it was that I first picked up a camera. I guess I can recall shooting with my parents' Rebel around age 10 or 11, and I suppose I just went from there. Now here I am: sixteen, shooting with my very own Rebel, and getting asked to do legit photo shoots for friends-- and even some acquaintances. So what happens now?

This is something I've been praying a lot about lately. What should I do now that more doors are opening and I'm wanting to learn more and more about photography? Is this where God wants me to be? Should I pursue photography as a career?

I suppose my prayers were answered with my birthday present: a four-hour mentoring session with a professional wedding photographer! Needless to say, for someone who loves to learn as much as I do, this was one of the greatest gifts ever. He taught me what seemed like everything I need to know about manual mode, details on light metering, composition, f-stop/ shutter speed/ ISO proportions, and about seventeen earfuls more.

So what is the next step? For me, I think it will mean putting into practice what I'm learning, creating a domain name for my photography, and maybe starting a Facebook page. Not to mention getting in as many photo shoots as possible to practice skill with my camera and  with people. I'm planning on then using money made from shoots to save for more equipment (more lenses and someday a full-frame. :)

I can't wait to serve the Lord with my gift and I'm hoping and praying that someday I will be able to use it for international missions work, perhaps with some kind of missions photography team.

In conclusion, here are photos from the Florida trip:

I got to ride bikes along the beach with Nina. It was something like a scene from a picture book.

our epic sand "modern art"

at a French cafe! 

Daddy graduated!! Hip! Hip! Hooray! 

Love and a hug,


  1. Oh my goodness!! Your photos are beautiful! :D Looks like you had a wonderful time. ♥

    1. PS. Would you like to guestpost on my blog?! I'll need them from this coming Tuesday to the next Tuesday (6/5/12 - 6/12/12). I would have emailed you about this, but I didn't see a spot to email...Just let me know!! ♥

  2. These are great pictures! Love them all!

  3. gorgeous photos!. I love them all! I love yalls sandcastle village yall made.

  4. These are gorgeous, Lindsey! You definitely have a talent for photography. :)

  5. Those pics are awesome!! :)


  6. Yay!! I can't wait to see what happens!! That is so exciting!! I have been thinking of launching my own site also. That would be awesome if we could do it together. :) We'll have to talk sometime!! I LOVE all the pictures from the beach!! I think I could live there if I wouldn't get sunburned all the time and if my friends could be there!!

    Well that was kind of rambly. Oh well!!


  7. All these photos are stunning! I just love the silhouettes of the people walking along the beach. (:


  8. I'm goin' to Florida in August! :) Can't wait!!!

  9. Your sand city may be one of the most epic things I have ever seen.

  10. This is such a great post!! That is so exciting that you are starting a photography business, I think that is what I would like to do too. :) and these pictures... AWESOME!

  11. Your Photo's are so beautiful! So fun and magical to look at, you are so inspiring :) I love everything about your blog!


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