Tuesday, April 16, 2013

five things.

i. I sniff my shoulder… it smells like baby. Oh my, I love that smell. // A few days a week are now filled with my favorite chubby six-month-old. In the past I've had very little experience with babies, but now I'm head over heels.

ii. Facebook is off. Instagram has seen few posts from me. Blogger hasn't been opened in a week. Pinterest? I almostt forgot about it. // Unplugging to plug in to life. All of a sudden I find myself gravitating away from screens and towards books and art and daydreams.

iii. The lights are out, but the fan is on and the window open. I can feel Kansas spring dancing over my face. Libby says, I say, we both giggle and repress squeals. // Talk Time is the unofficial wrap-up of our day and it always fills me with joy. Libby and I talk about various and sundry things… Sunday night's chat consisted of planning our life ten (or fifteen) years from now, including our houses, our gardens, traditions, cookie jars, spontaneous adventures (which obviously won't be spontaneous since we've planned them), placement of record players in kitchens, and evenings dancing in the kitchen to the records played on the aforementioned record players. ;)

iv. Let your light shine before men! You put the light in me. Who has The Light Bulb? Put on the Armor of Light. // The annual fundraiser for our youth group's senior trip is at hand! We're in full-swing of Dinner Theater practices… the theme is "From the Dark to the Light". We have an amazing director and a super fun cast, so it's always the highlight of my day.

v. It's 7:00. Ugggh… I'm so tired. Do I really want to go on a run when I could sleep? Duh, yes. 
I throw on my running clothes and pull my hair into the most atrocious pony tail. The morning is grey and melancholy when I set out at 7:29, but the cold air wakes me up and I'm thankful for another spring morning. // I'm convinced that morning runs are the best thing since sliced bread. They wake you up, get you going, boost your metabolism, keep you mindful of what you eat, and make you want to eat healthy food and drink more water. Okay, well at least that's what they do for me. If you hate them, call me up and we'll run together and I'll convince you to like them. ;)

What has your life been like lately?



  1. I love the fact that you are willing to shut of facebook and blogger and pinterest for a while to simply enjoy life. It's so liberating, is it not? I've been severely limiting my internet + tv time just to read and write and help out and cook and talk and I adore it.
    I always look forward to your posts, Linds!

  2. aww. I've missed seeing your posts pop up in my dash. though I totally understand your reasons of limiting internet time and such. and I think I should take you up on that offer of running. I hate running, especially in the mornings. :P

  3. Love this post, I think I also need to take an internet break:)

  4. love. and yes i haven't been as attached to my social media since i was mostly without it on vacation... so good. :) xx

  5. Well, m'dear, my life has been slow and steady; we've been on holiday for this week (and gosh has it ever been nice and relaxing). Also, I haven't been on the internet in days. And now, after that long internet hiatus, I am sitting in a Starbucks cafe (yes, really!) typing this comment on your lovely, lovely blog!!

    love this so much. :)

    xx Acacia

  6. Love your part about babies. They really are the best! Every part of them is so perfect at the beginning; their little toes, their fat rolls, the smell of their fuzzy hair. :)


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