Sunday, May 12, 2013

Elizabeth // Portraits Just Because

As many of you know, this is the lovely Elizabeth. Yesterday I attended a bridal shower at her house, where we stuffed our bellies with her mother's scrumptious food. Then we went on a photoventure in the gorgeous, green countryside just beyond her house. I always enjoy hanging out with Liz because she is not only one of the funniest people I know, but she also has a huge heart for the Lord, an incredible talent for photography, and a genuine, sincere heart and way of life. 

Yesterday as we tromped through the long grass (in the wrong shoes) we talked about life, photography, and summer. We've already got some exciting plans to serve and lead our church's middle-schoolers together for a missions trip this summer, and we may possibly be embarking on another photography-related adventure as well. Whatever happens, I know we'll be adventuring, photographing, laughing, knocking things over, and maybe spilling more frappuccinos all over Starbucks' walls and our pants. ;) Liz, I am so very thankful for your friendship, your constant encouragement, and all the adventures we've had together. Please never stop making me smile. :)


  1. I love these pictures! They are so good. Your lighting was perfect. I have that camera! :)

  2. darling, I can honestly say these are my favorite portrait shots ever. I am dead honest. Liz is absolutely gorgeous, the lighting is beyond perfect, the camera and her dress, and her smile. everything really. these are absolutely stellar!!
    xx. marcia

  3. can i have that film camera? okay, thanks.
    but seriously, i love these photographs, lou! :)

  4. Ah! You are SO good at photography!! These are amazing...simply stunning and lovely. Ah! The warm glow of the sun is perfect! My favorite is #14 :)


  5. Gosh these are so beautiful! You did such a wonderful job. I love love love the lighting.

  6. soo beautiful!! cindi is great :)

  7. she is so purty! and your photos are awesome!

  8. Oh Lindsey!

    Where do I begin? I absolutely adore these photos; they're bright, vibrant, and spilling with colour and life (the bokeh in the background? STOP IT - it's too delicious). Your model, Elizabeth, is far too beautiful. Can I also take a moment to fan-girl over how gorgeous her dress is? Because - gah - it is so gorgeous!

    Also, your posts always make me really (really) happy.

    An email should be on its way soon; and a letter is already on its way (yay!).

    Love you to the moon and back.

    xx A

    PS I'm not signed in to my google account, so that's why I have to use the anonymous-build commentator thing. ;-P

  9. Wow. She's pretty! I love those curls. You did a great job capturing her! :)


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