Monday, August 5, 2013

Do you know what I love about summer?

I love tangled, colorful gardens full of veggies and zinnias.
I love celebrating birthdays.
I love catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.
I love journaling every other day, whether my words are eloquent or not.
I love shooting in film and being able to remember every single frame I shot.
I love long road trips and watching Kansas pass by my window, listening to Relient K and dreaming like crazy.
I love camping trips and the mountains and the way the stars look up there.
I love chasing my goals and dreams and making them happen.
I love hanging out with my favorite baby boy and watching him giggle and grin.
I love froyo dates with friends and reading junior high letters and laughing so loud that everyone stares at us.
I love adventuring to our secret tree, tromping through waist-high grass, talking about God, and eating biscuit cookies. (I’ve got about six dozen battle scars from this particular adventure… I must’ve been sitting in a tick nest or something.)
I love taking nighttime adventures to the City, telling random stories, listening to new music, and sometimes to the silence.
I love watching old shows and reading children’s books and escaping to the back porch and making memories.

What do you love about summer?


  1. What do I love about summer?

    Long + lazy humid days spent by ocean waves or a sparkling pool;

    Reading, relaxing, and enjoying life;

    Endless conversations with friends and staying up too late;

    A bonfire whispering, crackling while the sun sets;

    Running, free and wild, through a breezy field;



    Living. :)

    Love this, Lindsey.

    xo, Acacia

  2. What do I love about summer? Not mosquitoes. Not mosquitoes, but everything else. Ooh, I have the Cannon AE-1 too...gotta love film.
    Anyways, gorgeous post and photos. Especially photos. <3


  3. you SERIOUSLY have to do a photo editing tutorial!!! Yours are simply GORGEOUS.

  4. We nominated you for The Elegant Blogger award! :)

    -The Boyer Family Singers

  5. Wonderful post! The pictures are beautiful!


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