Tuesday, May 6, 2014

11:38 on a Tuesday

Today I was working on writing my final paper of the year when I stopped to photograph my mamma's garden and a few little details lying around. So here's a glimpse into the messy-beautiful of our home.


  1. this is wonderful. i am amazed at you eye for the smallest, everyday things. love the heart-sunflower-kansas sticker on the water bottle. i love Kansas.
    the basil growing out of the tomato can is beautiful. i got so much joy out of that picture its almost strange.
    keep it up :)


  2. I love your house. And it isn't messy at all!

  3. i'm totally in love with those mugs. i love all the simply life messiness in this!

  4. I've missed your posts, so when I saw this one I squealed with delight! Your house looks simply perfect and I love the images you created. :) xxx

  5. These pictures are great, and I'd put a couple up on my wall. Could you do this with the first kodak?


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