Monday, May 19, 2014

The Successful Failure

Sometimes things go as planned… and sometimes they don't.

If your field trip ever gets thwarted by a visit from the First Lady…

-Speculate about the mysterious people in business attire
-Question the police officer with the well-trained dog
-Give up and visit the State capitol
-Spend all your pocket change on overpriced parking
-Ride in historic elevators (but don't ring the bell more than once. It's right below the elevator operator!)
-Try to blend in with the elementary school kids on their field trip as you climb to the top of the dome
-Drive aimlessly around the city, taking pictures in the middle of the street
-Freak out when you see a merry-go-round and promptly park next to the "no parking" sign
-Let the excitement overtake you and fall off the merry-go-round before you can even get on
-Play cat-and-mouse. (make sure you have good climbing shoes so you don't fall a great many feet.)
-Chill on the ground for a bit
-Take lots of pictures


  1. Ahh this is so lovely! Y'all are so cute & I just love this post. :)

  2. this is adorable. i love the happy and cheesy faces! :)


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