Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things (bargain vintage edition)

These are just a few of my many favorite vintage items. I try to only buy them when they're a very good deal, but once in a while, there's just that one thing that I have to get, whether it's a good deal or not. :)

Aqua cup and saucer: 10c each, garage sale (how much cheaper does it get?! I bought them three days ago and have already used them a dozen times!)

camera: junk sale, $3

flashlight: junk sale, $1 (my favorite flashlight EVER!!)

owl: junk sale, 75c (an adorable addition to my collection!)

typewriter: goodwill, $5 (awesome! I can still remember the obfuscated look on the cashier's face when she asked 'what do you want a typewriter for??' I told her that 'I just liked them.')

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