Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Lately Lovely}

Wow! It has been a busy few days... let me catch you up on the details. 

But first, I must make an announcement.
Drumroll, please...

Announcing: An Ordinary Utopia!

And at this moment, you're probably thinking 'what?'. 
Let me explain.

This is a project that we [Jocee, Abby, Megan, Gracie, Hayley] launched this past Sunday. It is a collaboration of six writers, photographers, and lovers of ordinary life. We have banded together to create a blog where we can be real. A blog where we share with you what life is really like behind the curtain of perfection. Not to say that I don't try to do that here, but this is project where we are concentrating very specifically on this. I hope you'll come along for the ride!

As for the other events of my week... 

-I went to the wedding of my friend, Ann. She and her new husband are too cute! Out of all the weddings I've been in, this was probably one of the best, simply because they are just so in love. For reals. 

-I've been having rehearsals constantly between dinner theatre and Seussical. They're both going to be great. 

-I've had a great reunion with a good friend of mine and we have had a wonderful time catching up.

-A friend of mine [well, he's really more like a brother to me] left for Cyprus, where he will be living for four months! Now that's adventure! I'll miss having him around to eat pancakes and talk about the best music on earth. [wicked + sigur ros]

-I just realized that wasn't an event. It was a random fact. . . oh well.

-Tried a kickboxing class at the gym for the first time and now I am more sore than I've been in a long time.

-other than all these things, I've just been extremely busy and trying to stay on top of all my responsibilities. 

. . .
and now for the real reason you're on this page at the moment...

.. Le photographes! ..

yep, that's a mustache. yep, that's also a cookie.

good morning.


What's been lovely in your life lately?

Lindsey Lou


  1. all of these shots are amazing. I am loving an ordinary utopia -- you all did such a great job! i hope to read more soon. ...okay, seriously, that cake looks gooooood.


  2. your photos are so pretty!


  3. oh lipgloss. the cake + your breakfast are making me drool. i'm gonna go cook it now. yeah, i know it's almost midnight, i'm just cool/hungry like that :))
    -jocee <3

  4. ah. these are so pretty!
    mockingjay pin sketch? I think yes.

  5. Wow!! You are really busy!
    That strawberry cake looks reaalllyyy good!!
    Can't wait to see more pictures from the wedding!!

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  7. Oh my goodness are those your drawings of the Owl?

    Really sweet sharings, love the photos!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, like always, Lindsey! :) It looks like you've had a lovely week! :)


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