Wednesday, February 1, 2012

one hundred.

It was a few years ago that I started this blog, but it didn't really get going until the summer. And since then, it has been a wonderful adventure. With each post, I have gotten to share with you little pieces of my life. I have made friends with many of you, and have been so encouraged by your comments and your lovely faces in my followers box. I went from three followers to 31, and with every single one of you lovely people, my heart did a little happy dance and a smile sprung up on my face. 

So thank you.

Thank you for reading. 

Thank you for following.

Thank you for commenting.

Thank you for encouraging.

Thank you for giving advice.

Thank you for putting up with my ramblings.

Thank you for not judging.

Thank you for letting me be me.

Thank you for everything.

All of you give me a motivation to write. You make me excited to spring out of bed and check what comments you have left me. Those comments make my day. You all make my days. I am so blessed. So thanks again.

Love and hugs,

Lindsey Lou

{p.s. those strawberries were just fresh the other day--in January! can you believe it?}
{p.p.s. what's your favorite pic?}


  1. What beautiful pictures!!!! Just lovely. I am in love with that strawberry picture. You should pin these on pinterest! :))

    It was wonderful seeing you today!! :))

  2. your photography just slays me. slays me! congrats, darling. beautiful post :))
    -jocee <3

  3. I must ask. On that first did you get it so that it is almost blurry around it but it was in focus on the pencils? One of these days, we shall hang out and you shall help me with photography. Okay? okay. :))

    I realize this was my second comment. But those pictures deserve two comments. They just speak words for you. I love it. :)


  4. Honey, honey, honey - you have a typewriter??? It's beautiful! I want one so extremely bad... ah, someday.

    Congratulations on 100! May there be hundreds and hundreds more to come.

  5. Congrats, girl! You are an amazing writer, photographer, and blogger. You deserve every single one of your followers, and hundreds more :)
    Those strawberries look devine :) Its definitely my favorite picture, along with your dog :))

  6. I am so proud of you ... in 100 different ways :) Congrats on your 100th post. You amaze & inspire me!
    Love you!

  7. My goodness what lovely photos! Good job. My favorite would have to be the last..of the goldie. I love dogs. But all of them are first I though they were from pinterest. :)


  8. Nice blog and beautiful photography! I just came from your collaborated blog, An Ordinary Utopia, and love it! :) My favourite photo is the one of the typewriter keys.

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  10. You are so welcome, your blog is SUCH a blessing and so so beautiful!!! I hope I haven't been buggin leaving all sorts of comments LOL, I just adore this blog!

  11. i thought i followed before, apparently not? anyway, your photography is gorgeous, dear! i'm jealous. :) and i love your design.

    1. oh! and you like the andy griffith show! yay! :)


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