Monday, January 30, 2012


i'm a dreamer. there are no two ways about it. all day long i float in and out of my secret life of daydreams. ideas, longings, plans for my future, wishes, impossible wishes, confusing wishes. a perfect world, whimsical places and spaces, magical moments that are unrealistic, but beautiful. and all night i do the same.

it's 11:13 when my head hits the pillow, and my eyes refuse to shut. my imagination has just ignited--this is when i dream the most. if there are special moments of the day, this is when i relive them. if i have an idea for a story, it gets processed and my mind runs away with it. when i've mused up with an idea for a quaint little bakery or my perfect tree house, this is when it turns from an idea to having every little detail worked out. i dream so much of my life in the future. i chose to keep away from dating at a young age, but i can't help but imagine what it will be like. what he may be like. this is the hour i get to spend in my little utopia when all of these dreams proceed to wander in and out of my mind until i am contented.

 in addition to dreaming, i also love to pray while i am looking back on my day in thankfulness. thanking God for everything i have been given, asking for help, and praying for those around me who are struggling. because there are so many people in my life, at least, who could use so much prayer. and yet, i don't always remember to pray for them. maybe i say that i'm praying for them and i have... once or twice, but not consistently. so when that happens, this is the time i spend with God, pouring out my heart to Him and thanking Him for His marvelous love.

and when all of this is said and done, somewhere in the middle of a dream, i drift off to a place where i have no handle on my dreams, but they carry me away until morning. . . when i start all over again.

what do you dream about?

Love and hugs,

the moonlight dreamer
lindsey lou

{p.s. this was my 99th post!!}


  1. wow. Just plain beautiful. What amazing use of words. Dreaming. It is one of my many favorite things to do. I totally agree, that is where I do the my dreaming too. What a lovely post. This inspired me quite a bit.

  2. 1st - I'm looking forward to your 100th post. :)

    What do I dream of? What do I not dream of?? Specifically though, I dream of Chicago a lot these days. I dream of having a fabulous group of creative friends there, I dream of an awesome internship and creative connections, I dream of meeting a handsome Jesus-loving man (film maker maybe so we can travel the country doing a documentary on Christian youth??), and I dream of being a photographer in a big and beautiful city.
    Sadly - that's just one of my dream areas! I fall asleep each night to day dreaming.

  3. What a lovely post! My dreams awaken as I hit my pillows as well :)

  4. yes. beautiful. i love this so much, and i love you. great post :))
    -jocee <3


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