Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today I have encountered some simple, lovely, priceless things that I am relishing. 

>> the unbeatable expressions of a one-year-old <<

>> the sight of a two-year-old boy pleading with a little girl in the most adorable way <<

>> running in the wind, and letting my wavy hair get caught up and tangled in it <<

>> getting an hour of talk-time with one of the greatest people i know<<

>> seeing the crescent moon << 

>> teaching my dog how to play soccer <<

>> hanging alone at the house, looking like a total dork, and not caring <<

>> getting priceless pieces of wisdom from the above mentioned great person i know <<

what did you relish today?

Love, hugs, and priceless laughs,



  1. Aww, this was so endear. I absolutely loved it. What a lovely post. Beast pictures.


  2. teaching your dog how to play soccer. yes.
    great post, darling, love the photos, as always :))
    -jocee <3

  3. P.S. I find it quite funny, that I commented literally like four minutes after you posted this. Can you say "number one fan right here". ;)

    P.P.S Thank you for you utterly sweet card. You have no clue how much that made my day. It really was the most sincere thing.

  4. Little kids are so adorable, no? :) Great pictures!


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