Sunday, January 22, 2012

adventures at golden hour.

{forget the capital letters.}

once upon a time there were four friends who decided to go on an adventure at golden hour and blow glitter in the air. so they packed their knapsack with cookies of many kinds and a canteen of water and hit the trails... well, the sidewalks. they walked and walked, passing a castle and a construction site, then entered a wood. shortly they encountered yeller and yankee, dogs of the forest... or rather dogs passing through the forest with their owners. 

shortly they encountered yeller and yankee, dogs of the forest... or rather dogs passing through the forest with their owners. finally they reached their destination: a lake, a hill, and some prairie. (aka ground of inspiration.)

they found a perfect picnicking place and ate all sixteen of their cookies, while freezing in the wind. therefore, the picnic blanket, which was actually a beach towel, doubled as a cloak.

after eating, it was time to galavant across the fields and skip to the top of the hill.

finally, when golden hour came, they felt they should add to the magic of their happy place by blowing glitter in the smiling sunshine. and they had one of the most magical times of their lives.

 and when the day was over and done, the photographer, who was in two of 118 of the photos, had produced two of her favorite photos yet.  (the last two :)) and she didn't mind at all because the joy of the day and of her work was so bountiful.


the simple joys of life are manifesting themselves to me daily. getting to spend time with friends, nice weather, growing new friendships, finding marvelous music, the beauty of everything at golden hour, laughter of children, a paintbrush in my hand, dreams. every little thing adds up to make me more thankful of how blessed i am when i reflect on the day.

of course, life is busy (especially with seussical, dance, babysitting, and now dinner theatre), but i think it makes me more grateful for the times when life is simply peaceful. life is good. God is great.

love and hugs,

lindsey lou


  1. this is simply lovely. seriously. what an adventure! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Oh my. Lindsey. You have such talent. Writing. Photography. Just wow. This was beautiful. Those last two pictures were breathtaking.

  3. WOW!! Great job Lindsey!! I LOVE them all! you are in the fashion of a real photographer. :)

    I am guessing girl in blue is Lib?

    We will have to do this when you guys come!!!


  4. whoops sorry- Lib is in white right? :)

    I should always read comments before publishing. :)

  5. darling post and words and pictures as usual girl!!! xo
    I am the one with the middle name louise, I like to go my gina lou sometimes!

  6. I smiled from beginning to end. :) This is an incredible post. And wow, those photographs!

    1. Oh, and pinterest: I can't find you, I found 2 Lindsey Nicoles but they don't look like you? :S


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