Thursday, August 16, 2012


c o l o r 

[ n e w ]  t a p  s h o e s

f u n  w i t h  g r a n d m a

i m p r o m p t u   p h o t o s h o o t s

l i t t l e  n e r d 

l o v e l y
n e w  s o c k s

n a p  t i m e

t o m a t o  b o k e h

z u c c h i n i  b r e a d 

s p l a s h !

k i t c h e n  t i m e
f r e s h

s t r i p e s

i n  t h e  k i t c h e n

p i n k . enough said.

p e a c o c k .
f u n  w i t h  R o s i e  d o w n t o w n .

m y  e v e r - p a t i e n t  m o d e l .

The more life moves along, the more thankful I am for every day I have. There are so many little things to relish and capture before they turn to dust in what seems like an instant. Just last night we had a family pow-wow in Cameron's room, as we soak up our last moments together before he leaves for college on Saturday. We talked about how quickly the days fly by and how it was only yesterday that we were young, without worry or care, making crazy, childish memories.

The past weeks have been wonderful. I got to learn real life lessons about patience, humility, and God's relentless love at Camp Barnabas. I got to see Cameron's and Simon's musical... phenomenal, I tell you! They worked hard, trusted God, and did it all for His glory, and it was pretty darn good. I've been blessed with tap lessons-- they get me giddy every time. In one week from today I hop on a plane to Minnesota-- squealing with excitement! I got to start some school on Monday and I'm relishing my time in the books. So far I'm doing Church History and Middle Ages History. Church History is the best, I tell you.

If there is one blessing that outweighs all of these, it is that I am learning to see things in view of God's plan. To say Yes, Lord. and Let Your will be done, in stead of I want this or that because I know what's best. He is giving me the grace to see beyond what is just in front of me, and even as some really big things may be coming, I can't wait to see how He will show me His power and wisdom. I really can't wait to see what He will do!



  1. These photos are gorgeous!! I love all the sock ones!
    And the type writer.. <3

  2. gah... these are the essence of loveliness. really.

  3. this is great and your pictures are gorgeous! i really like the first one and the two with the strawberry. :)

  4. gahgah.
    I'm ga-ga about these photos. They're simple, stunning, and stellar! (:



  6. well, gosh, your photos are cute! Amen about trusting God; I'm finding that it's the only way to go (even though stubborn me still would choose worrying). :)

  7. I love your photos! ♥ and oh by the way. your grandma seems cool. ;) hehe.

  8. these are gorgeous, Lindsey! :) I love the way you captured all those little things--strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini-bread-to-be, everything. We are so blessed, aren't we? :)


  9. Haha I was going through this post saying, "Yep I love those too!" Great photography :)

  10. You have such amazing photography skills! Oh, and the typewriter is so cute.

    Jemimah C. @ Ink and Iridescence

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  12. love your pictures! we have peacocks at my house. constantly posting pictures of them on my blog!

  13. Fantastic pictures! I adore your blog!


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