Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I. Riley's exuberant, life filled, joyous laugh fills the room and his big blue eyes sparkle. My heart warms up and wants to either melt or explode with the joy this little one gives me. His sister makes adorable and intelligent remarks as we're being chased and locked up, making play-doh cookies, or reading books on the couch, the three of us snuggled together. I read three of my favorite childhood books and think, how am I so blessed that I get to do this for my job? Sometimes I think I'm there to teach and instruct… but really they're the ones who teach me. God is so gracious to use these little ones so mightily!

II. I drive to the Church House, taking the long way because it's somehow more pleasant. Inside I meet my brother and change into my work clothes and dirty shoes. He talks. I listen. I say a few words. Hungrily I scarf down some asian noodles and stir fry he made as we discuss film and whether or not the chicken is actually cooked through, and how we'll probably be vegetarians because we're clueless when it comes to cooking meat. Then we hit the road and head north on curvy country roads. I never realized how therapeutic driving could be. It reminds me of Relient K's song, "Therapy"… I never thought I'd be driving through the country just to drive, with only music and the clothes that I woke up in. On the way we throw around topics like college and majors until I hit pot holes and shriek. Then, we talk about how I should always under react when I make a driving mistake. :) When we arrive, we get instructions and begin to work. The hot Kansas sun beats down on us and we begin to sweat as we work in the gardens pulling weeds and retrieving seeds from collared greens stalks. The dirt sticks to our sweaty limbs. I smile because it's hard work and I like it. I like being sweaty, dirty, and tired, knowing that I've accomplished something worthwhile. Our employer and good friend, Josh, teaches us how to siphon compost water to some struggling blackberry bushes… It's a job and an education, all in one. When the sun went down, our work was done, so we finished the night with half-price Sonic shakes. What a blessing, I think, to work with and for good friends. To work the earth and learn about creation. Yes, I am so blessed!

III. I get off the phone and immediately text a good photographer friend… "I JUST BOOKED MY FIRST WEDDING!! :D" In August I get my first experience as a head shooter for a day when two amazing, in-love people become one! I really am so very excited. Recently I've been blessed with lots of experience photographing people and I've got to say… I love it! I love meeting new people and watching them interact, hearing their stories, seeing them laugh… all of it. This summer has been an incredible summer so far for everything photography-related. Once again, I'm just blown away that God has blessed me with this work!

Hopefully I'll get to continue in each of these areas of work, Lord willing. Oh, and if you need someone to shoot your wedding… ;)



    ps. we're twinning. first wedding in august for both of us.
    boooyaaa. :)

  2. this is lovely, and your photos are wonderful. totally craving strawberries now.

  3. wow, girl these photos are stunning.

  4. YAY for booking your first wedding!! That's beyond excited.
    I'm so glad to see you back, I've missed your posts quite terribly.
    and the second photo is ever-so-lovely...

  5. Wonderful... simply wonderful. Your words and photos are enchanting.


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