Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Frames I

Overwhelmed. I think that's how I'm feeling right about now. This summer is flying by and it has been wonderful so far, but time is slipping through my fingers. As some of you may know, I had the privilege of attending Jessica Shae's Summer Adventure Internship a couple of weeks ago. I learned so much from her during those four days and now I'm just itching to kick start my business. But there's so much to do. Design a website, make a Facebook page, create a new blog, order business cards, write contracts, shoot more, communicate with my current clients, etc.. It feels almost as if I have so much to do that I don't even know where to start… so I'm trying to remember that it doesn't all come at once. It's a process.

On another note, I've missed the blogging world. Saturday afternoon, I was scrolling through some of my past rambling and nonsensical posts. Although I was horrified at some of the things I said, I was amazed at how consistent I was with constantly capturing life and writing about it here. I took more pictures of "ordinary" things, and I definitely took more with my Rebel. In some ways, having an iPhone is convenient, but it means that in the end, the vast majority of my photos will be worse quality simply because I was too lazy to pull out my DSLR. Anywho, I still write; in fact, I write a lot. I've got multiple journals and notebooks where I jot down quotes, stories, experiences, things I saw in the airport, poems, and so on, but I've stopped sharing them with y'all. There are three reasons for this. 

One: I'm busy and don't make time for blogging like I should. 

Two: I find it harder to write to an audience than to write for myself. There's a fine line between what I should share with the world and what I ought to keep in my private journal… and I fear that I've come close to crossing that line before. 

Three: Sometimes I just don't feel like I have anything interesting to write about.

However, if none of you are too bored with me yet, I might as well keep sharing my life with you. You guys are pretty cool. :) Now here's a month's update in iPhone photos! :) (from top left… not necessarily in chronological order)

i. Sonic adventures with Libby! Every day has been an adventure since I got my DL in June.
ii. Libby and I rode our bikes to the peach stand… peach crisp and homemade ice cream followed.
iii. Pizza time with Rosie! Meeting for lunch or dinner at a local pizza shop has become "our tradition"
iv. Pool time with good family friends.
v. On the way to Dallas! I got the window seat which also happened to be the wing seat. 
vi. Editing pictures from a fun family session… of course not complete without a homemade shake. ;)
vii. Chipotle with my photog friends in Grapevine! :D
viii. Sunday afternoon nap time with olddd family friends from Minnesota.
ix. A sweet (and beautifully written) letter from a college friend working up north.
x. Poolside r&r after this long and fun weekend.
xi. Before a family session in the park.
xii. Photog friends! (Autumn, me, Liz, & Amy)
xiii. Jessica and me!
xiv. Early morning farm work with my brother + a Juice Stop stop. ;)
xv. photog pheet… ;) (haha, Liz…)
xvi. Camp Come On In! Three days of fun with beautiful little girls. 

Okay, I definitely like this system… you may be seeing more phone photos in the near future. 

Love and hugs,


  1. This is so cute! :) I love this series already. :) such a fun month. :)


  3. these absolutely scream summer and happiness.
    you are totally adorable too!


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