Tuesday, July 10, 2012

this summer light

        As I skip down the back porch steps of my grandparents' house, I spit a cherry pit into the yard as the taste of summer continues to dance on my tongue. I skip past our wintering dogs, each tied to a tree. Past the big, red barn, smelling of horses, hay and memories, and past the shining chestnut manes of Boots and Buddy, who are grazing in the pasture. 

        Libby and I begin to wade through the sea of weeds and tall grass, dappled with patches of Queen Anne's Lace. She grips the handlebars of my Grandpa's old bike, walking along side it. Then we reach a road with one house on either side. Down the road more will be built as the land next to my Grandparents' house transitions from the country property it always was to a neighborhood at the far edge of town. It's saddening to see the change, but we're determined to enjoy the vacant drive and open surrounding land while it lasts. 

 After snapping something like fifty-seven photos of Queen Anne's Lace, I tromp out of the weeds and mount the old Schwinn. Next, as if in an old movie, Libby mounts the rack on the bad, which, under normal circumstances, would have carried a lunchbox or school books. She clutches the seat and tries her best to stay on the wobbling vehicle. As I push off, we glide down the drive and the wind breathes down my back, cooling the sweat on my neck and setting loose my reddish-brown curls. 
I feel free. My hear fills with joy and I capture the moment in my head. To enjoy God's beautiful creation with people I love-- in golden sunlight and fresh air-- yes, it is going on my list of 1,000 gifts. 

When Libby left, I waded deeper and deeper into the sea of Queen Anne's Lace, picking it, photographing it, and dreaming of tucking it in my hair on my wedding day-- if, indeed I have one. I drink in the golden light and get lost in the dainty white blooms until I hear someone calling my name. Apparently it is apple pie time. So I turn and sprint back to the house. all I can think is "Isn't God wonderful?" Yes, I do believe He is.




  1. Oh so that's what they're called! :D I didn't know that until I read your post. That is so neat!

  2. I can't find a word to describe this amazing post..hmmm...magical? Something of the sort.:) The pictures are awesome. For some reason, #2 is my fave.:] Golden hour-ahh it's lovely.


  3. lindsey. this picture is MAGIC. you are so talented!

  4. Great job!! the Queen Anne's lace is beautiful, and you did a good job capturing it!! Hope you are having a good time at your grandparent's house!!

  5. lovely photos, lindsey. just as always.

  6. beautiful!! love that last photo. delicious light.

  7. that queen anne's lace is beautiful! great shots :)

  8. Oh how lovely!

    Queen Anne's Lace is heavenly. Beautiful photos, so pretty, fresh and summer-y.

    Cool blog, I love the design. ( =

  9. Such pretty pictures and lighting! Love it!

  10. wonderful photographs :) Love the light :)
    Gina x

  11. magical lindsey! just magical. ♥


  12. I love these wildflowers, they are so beautiful. You write in a way that makes me feel like I'm next to you.


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