Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime. + a new design!

It's July third. How did that happen? I don't know, but I do know that I've been enjoying summertime at its best.

Summertime means hosting a camp for little girls, traveling to see friends in Minnesota, and having late-night pack runs in spandex. 

It means taking weekends to spend with family friends to just do fun stuff. 

It means dressing up in heels together to go to the grocery. [ my first time to wear stilettos out of the house. :) Don't worry, they were short. ]

It means that afternoons are spent listening to The Help and making applesauce. 

It's filled with gym time, friend time, reading time, and quiet time. 

It means I have time to hang out with my favorite kids, playing legos and making sparkly paper crowns.

It means picnics and picture taking and walking in the heat, which is never below 102 degrees.

It means that I can sit and write out my thoughts, sort them out, and pray about the things that trouble and confuse me.

It also means that my creativity runs rampant and I brainstorm 17 million projects [a skirt, a sweater, a quilt, etc.]

It leaves time for playing piano to my heart's content.

... And whenever this lazy girl gets around to it, it means blogging. ;)

preparing for camp k-p (our family friend weekend camp)
scenes from camp K-P...

Rosie got a Rebel!!

And one final thing... did you notice the new header?? Gahh it finally got done!!!! My ahhhmazingg brother, Cameron helped (I say helped, but he really did 95% of the work) me get this put together! Thoughts? I just love it. A lot.



  1. You make wonderful pictures! I enjoy reading your blog. :)

  2. lOVELY pictures! (And I really, really, really like the blog design! :)

    Gina X

  3. I love the coke pictures, so cute.

  4. Yes, I love the new header! Looks awesome, great job! :) Lovely photos! And I love all of your outfits in those pictures!

  5. What gorgeous photos!! ♥ one that's really striking is the one where y'all are sitting in the yellow chairs, and all you can see are the red flats!! brilliant. :D And oh by the way. you have an AMAZING header:)

  6. I love these pictures! the quality is stunning, and everything is so happy and colorful. and I also like how the title rhymes :)

  7. Love these photos! The lighting is so wonderfully airy and perfect! Gah. love.

  8. I love your new design Lou!! :D I was wondering perhaps if I could do a guest post for you sometime? My blog is kind of in a rut right now and I would like to try and maybe post somewhere besides my blog. Contact me at my blog, simply gorgeous pictures!! :D

  9. Coke bottles, red and white straws and cute girls - adorable!


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