Wednesday, July 18, 2012

embracing the everyday beauty

This title, embracing the everyday beauty, was inspired by a post written by my lovely friend. And as I'm sitting here, reflecting on my week, I realize how much joy I have found in the past days. 

My days seemed to be filled with things to do. From babysitting, going to the gym, taking pictures and making pies, there's joy in the midst of all of it. Not to mention snapping pictures with my new Tamron zoom lens [such a blessing], dancing in the rain, hanging with new friends, having lunch with old friends, starting a sweater, playing with kittens and photographing children. Needless to say, I am never bored. ever.

But perhaps the most exciting event of the week was a Facebook message (from the above mentioned lovely friend) which evolved into feverish messaging and questions, which eventually evolved into a plane ticket from Kansas to Minnesota to second shoot my first wedding. Yup. I'm a little ecstatic. I mean seriously, traveling alone, meeting my pen pal, and second shooting my first wedding all wrapped up together? It's almost too good to be true. 

Other than that greatness, today and yesterday have been full of my brother and Simon recording music. For a musical. That they wrote. Seriously, they're amazing. The music is epic and I can't wait to see it. I'll show it to y'all, too. (It will be on youtube after they perform it in August.) It's just been so fun to have them around and making noise... especially since my brother leaves for college on August 18. Moving on. I must stay in denial.

Lastly, the Lord has been working in my life in amazing ways. I am learning to wait for Him, because He is sovereign, His timing is always perfect, and He's the wisest. Of anyone. Ever. I've also been encouraged by one of my amazing summer youth leaders to be praying more, talking to God all through my day, in all of my decisions. And through talking to Him more, asking Him to reign in my life and be in control, I have seen Him answer my prayers. In big and small ways. So yes, He is awesome. In the legitimate meaning of the word.



  1. lindsey, this is lovely. utterly fantastic and by all means- gorgeous.

  2. These pictures are wonderful!
    And good luck on your photo shoot! That's such an awesome oppurtunity!

  3. I agree whole-heartedly with Stella: this is lovely, utterly fantastic and gorgeous. :)


  4. Hi. I am Winnie. I love the pictures of the cats. I don't have any cats, but I have two dogs named Jake and Daphne. If you want to see my blog it is

  5. Wonderful post, Lindsey! Your writing and photos are such an inspiration to me. :)

  6. these photos are all so amazing! I love your nail polish :) and the KITTIES!
    congrats on the wedding - I can't wait to see all your lovely pictures!

  7. I adore your nails. these are so lovely. Good luck on your wedding!!

  8. The kitties. The nails. THE BOKEH. Gah, I love this so much.

    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  9. If I could love this on a scale, I'd use some cliche over the top number to describe just how much I love this post! And of course how honored I am. I'm honored that my writing inspired you to write something so beautiful. I'm honored that YOU get to come to see ME in a month. Above all else, I'm honored to have such an amazing person in my life as my friend, pen pall, fellow Audrey adorer, and now second shooter. It's crazy how our paths have crossed and God has brought us together.

    P.S. I feel like Buddy the Elf when he makes the list of all the things he wants to do with his dad. "AND THEN we'll CUDDLE!!" bahaha :)

  10. Oh my goodness your photographs are AMAZING and your cats ADORABLE :)

    Gina X

  11. Congratulations on getting to shoot your first wedding!! ♥ You will do wonderful, and the wedding will be amazing. :) That's cool how your brother wrote a musical with a friend!!

    ♥ lindz


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