Saturday, December 10, 2011

... and the decorations go up!

We finally got into the festive spirit and put up some decorations! Our tree is twinkling and the stockings are hung on the mantel. Christmas music is finally playing, and gifts are in the making. I hope that your Christmas preparations are going well! I am trying to keep myself from being too caught up in the commercialism and craziness, so I am reading Luke 2 every morning I can, to keep my eyes on the true reason for Christmas. 

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Much Love and many hugs,

Lindsey Nicole

{p.s. I got to do a bit of shopping yesterday and came up with some lovely finds, so I'll share them with you soon!}

{p.p.s. today lib and I switched the place of our beds around and I added twinkle lights to my headboard, so once my camera battery charges, I'll share that with you, too. }


  1. the next to last picture is too cute. i'm coming over to your house. okay? okay.
    -jocee <3

  2. Lovely post, Dearie. :)) Your pictures as always are beautiful! :))) I haven't seen you in forever, we will need to get together soon! :))


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