Saturday, December 3, 2011

because it's fri-ee-day...

well, now that you have rebecca black playing through your head, i'll tell you about my day. :)

shortly after i woke up, i headed downtown for a christmas parade and saw sophi, emalee, hanna, and a few other folks. after watching plenty of horses, sophi's family and i got to visit a festival of nativities, where we saw sets from all over the world!

sophi. me. emalee.

i wanna live in that top apartment.

raindrops. enough said.

and later... you'll never guess what i got in the mail!  here's a hint:

my new black dress! i don't officially get it until christmas, but i had to try it on for size, and i love it!! 

as for other events of the day, i finally finished "mockingjay".   ahhh... the whole book was a little bit depressing, but the end was good. bittersweet, but good. i would definitely recommend the series!
we also headed out on some errands where i got some more yarn for christmas presents! which, speaking of, i am almost done with my socks and i will post when i'm finished!!

as for my precious little shadow, after five weeks, she will be leaving tomorrow. moving on, and leaving me unexpectedly disappointed. it will be an adjustment for sure. i'll keep you updated.

so for our last night, we are all going to watch "the grinch" and have a slumber party. with that, i'd better be going.

much love and many hugs,

lindsey nicole


  1. Say what now?? You're making socks?! That is the coolest thing ever. I admire people that can knit, etc. I just learned how to knit a scarf with a loom, and I feel very smart, even though it is so extremely easy. ;)

    Mockingjay was such a great book. I loved the Hunger Games series. ♥

    Modcloth dress? How exciting! You're so pretty! :)

    xoxo, hayley

  2. Love all of the pictures! It was so fun to see you this morning! Your dress is ADOREABLE!!! Isn't it sad when there aren't any more Hunger Games books to read? Yes, Mockingjay was sad and more violent than the others, but I like how it ended. :)

  3. That dress!! AAAAHHH!!! So jealous! You look positively stunning, girlie :)

  4. someone looks gorgeous :)) great post :))
    -jocee <3


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