Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lately Lovely {Christmas Edition}

Dear friends,

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful and filled with Christ's love as mine was! 

Two days before, On Christmas Eve Eve, we all piled into our van and hit the road to see our extended family. I was planning to finish Libby's striped socks in the total of 7 hours of driving, there and back, but I was distracted and didn't remember half of the yarn needed, so she didn't get anything from me on Christmas morning. 

In stead of knitting, I listened to music and stared out of my window, dreaming, thinking, and processing everything that was on my mind for three and a half hours. I can let my mind wander for great lengths of time without being bored.

The night we arrived, we headed to a steakhouse for dinner to celebrate my Grandpa's retirement. He has been working for Ameren for 39 years and is finally retiring-- I'm so proud of him! Being such a hard worker, and a cattle farmer on the side, I know he won't get bored.

On Christmas Eve morning we had a big breakfast and opened presents. I got to see my adorable cousins, too!
Later on, we went on an outing with my Grandma and Aunt, then picked up the town's famous pizza for dinner. And we exchanged gifts and had a great time before we hit the road again.

On Christmas Eve, for once I curled my hair and we hurried to get ready before a fancy dinner and Christmas Eve Service. My favorite part of the service is when we sing "Silent Night" at the end and light candles, then raise them on the last verse. I was so enchanted by the sight of all the candles raised and the soft sound of everyone singing. 

When Christmas morning came, we went to church, then came home and opened presents. We all felt like we were very content this year and didn't really want much, so I loved everything I got (I'll tell you about it later).

Christmas afternoon held games, friends, and LOTS of laughter! So much that my stomach hurt.

Since then, I've been hit with something strange that makes me pick up my stuff, read more, be very productive, not eat junk, and go on frequent runs. Strange, but nice. :)

the beginning of my mama's cranberry sorbet

candy canes. <3

a self-portrait from Christmas Eve
(I don't really take many self-portraits because the make me feel vain. It's kind of weird, I know.)

when we visited my grandma (my dad's mom),  we went to a mennonite market with her and my aunt that had lots of bulk foods and candies... and I got this!! I've always wanted one of these lollipops, but it's really more because I want to look at it than eat it. :)
... and then I loved it so much that I drew it.

I titled it "eye candy"

a bad picture of something I found on my walk. It was peeking out of the weathered, lifeless grass, couldn't help but remind me of Peeta. How lovely is that in the end of December?

And now I'm going to make you a promise: I will post my sixteen before sixteen list BEFORE the end of the year! That is, unless the computers break down, or Jesus comes back. I would really be happy about the latter. Happy isn't a strong enough word. Ecstatic X infinity would be more like it. :)

Sending love and hugs,

Lindsey Nicole


  1. i. want. your. dress.
    -jocee <3

  2. Lovely photos and drawing! Hope you had a great Christmas! <3

  3. You are gorgeous and I love the drawing of the lollipop :)) And yes, I can see how the flower remind you of Peeta. Goodness, I want to see the movie so badly! Are you going to try to see it in theaters?

  4. I agree with Jocee! SO PRETTY!!(: love these pics!!


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