Wednesday, December 28, 2011

sixteen before sixteen!

I concluded that it would be best to fulfill my promise right away so I don't break it, so here we go!

(I have five months as of yesterday to complete this list)

{Sixteen before sixteen}

 1. get my learner's permit for driving 

 2. read to the Bible all the way through from where I am now (2 Kings) 

 3. write my 200th post

4. make chocolate soufflĂ© 

5. get my middle splits and perfect my left and right ones 

 6. go iceskating with Rosie (who has never been before!!) 

7. buy something from Anthropologie 

8. go to the midnight premier of The Hunger Games with my friends! 

9. do an official photo shoot for a friend. (any volunteers? :)

10. have an indoor picnic

11. have a sunrise picnic on the roof

12. read my entire book of The World's Best Fairy Tales

13. Make a scrapbook of my summer and the school year so far

14. wear mustaches and go on an all-town scavenger hung

15. make a messenger bag/purse

16. write a song on the piano

There ya go, folks! If you haven't made yours yet, I'd love to see it!
Happy Wednesday!

The World's Best Fairy Tales

Love and a hug,
Lindsey Nicole

{p.s. new year's resolutions coming soon!}


  1. Awesome!!! I'm already working on writing my sixteen things to do while I'm fifteen...and I'm only 12!!! LOL!

  2. Sunrise piknik on the roof sounds so lovely. <3

  3. 7, 10, 11, 14, 16. oh. yes.
    -jocee <3

  4. Loved this. Seriously. This was an amazing 16 before 16 list. I need to get to mine. haha. :))

  5. Now I'm inspired to create my own! The sad thing is, I'll only have less than 3 months until I'm 16 to get mine done so they can't be anything TOO big. :(

  6. This is awesome!<33(: I absolutely adore & love 1,2,3,9(I volunteer!!) 11,12, & 14!!!(:

  7. Yay! Love your list! Chocolate souffle (yum!), Anthropologie (Love!), Photoshoot (I volunteer! :)), and sunrise picnic (simply adoreable!)! What an awesome list!


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