Thursday, December 29, 2011

new year's goals and other such ramblings

this year i have quite a few of them!

1. drink more water, drink less soda. Eat more veggies and run more.

2. build up the courage and run track again.

3. read more.

4. become a better blogger and get to 100 followers!

5. work on core/abs strength. 

6. be a better secret-keeper. (i know this sounds terrible, but sometimes a secret gets
leaked to even just one person, and i want people to know that if they trust me with a 
secret, it will remain as if no one was ever told.)

and for my biggest project of the year:

7. i'm going to start a project called "365: a sketch a day" where i try to sketch
every day possible. (but really it will probably be about 340 because of two missions
trips in the summer). i just figure that since i'm planning on majoring in art, 
i should be a little better at drawing. so hopefully i'll do periodic posts about my better sketches.

of course, with all of these, i will be trying to grow in my faith, love for the Lord, patience and biblical love. and i pray that all of you will too! 

... now comes the part where i brag about my christmas presents. ;)

from adelle, now hanging by my bed to keep me dreaming for years to come. love it. love her more. 
some totally  a d o r a b l e  chicken feather earrings from Em! how cool is that?! i absolutely love them. and her! :)

the hunger games mockingjay pin. oh. yes. (i didn't actually get the book, i just figured it was more interesting than my hand)

my yearly calendar in audrey form once again! :)

my tiffin!!!

i am in love. but i still need an adventure to take it on. or at least somewhere to go to eat lunch.

from anthropologie!! we found it on super crazy reduced clearance and i fell in love.

I also got an awesome artist beret hat from lib that makes me feel like i'm in france. and cam gave me one of the coolest presents ever, but i didn't take a picture, so i may tell you about that later.

what did you get for Christmas?


did i ever tell you that i like the hunger games? well i do. i couldn't remember if i mentioned it or not. ;)
anywho, there's a song from the movie that's out and i just adore it. it's kind of sad, but i keep listening to it over and over again. you can listen to it here.

Have a wonderful evening, and read a book by candlelight for me, would ya?
I think i will.

Sending love and hugs,



  1. Lovely post, Dearie! :)) I am in love with that picture of the tiffin and orange. :))

  2. You've inspired me to create my own list! Will be posting it soon! :) Love the poster! Oh, I almost got that calendar! So cute!

  3. Your Christmas presents are way too adorable! Love the poster <3
    I've read the first Hunger Games book, and I'm dying to get my hands on the second and third! Hopefully it will be sometime this coming week :))
    Isn't the song stunning? It gives me goosebumps (the good kind, of course) :)


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