Tuesday, December 13, 2011

because you can't say bokeh isn't beautiful.

so i have this thing for bokeh. it is so wonderfully magical and yummy, as i call it... despite the fact that you can't actually eat it. you honestly can't look at me and say 'bokeh isn't beautiful.' if you did... i don't know what i would do. anyway, this evening when i had the house entirely to myself, i went a little crazy with it. see...

yup, it's pretty fun! 

... meanwhile, while browsing Pinterest (and drinking delicious homemade hot cocoa made by Libby), these little things that caught my eye.

i... do this... :)

i don't know if i told you this, but Venice is my dream. if someone gave me a few thousand dollars and said i could go anywhere, without a doubt or hesitation i would be on a plane to Venice.
... and red hair is my other dream. oh my goodness gracious, i want her hair! anyone with me?

(last four photos via Pinterest.)

Well, that's about it for now, folks. I'm off to watch the Andy Griffith show! :)) 

Much Love and a hug,

Lindsey Nicole


  1. first off, the andy griffith show is the best. i have a crush on opie. he's adorable. and the food they eat makes me hungry.
    second, God made man so that man could make bokeh. and then variate with heart bokeh. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. I. Love. The. Bokeh. Pics. How did you do all those shapes?!

  3. Gah. I love these pictures. <3 I reallyreallyreally need to make my own bokeh shapes, because they look amazing! :)

  4. Beautiful bokeh dear! Those are really neat shapes! Haha, YES I always proofread my texts too! :) And yes, red hair is GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the bokeh!! Again, how did you do the hearts?? AWESOME!!! And I also love the red hair....

  6. Thanks, you guys! As for the bokeh shapes, you just make a lens covering out of dark paper and cut out the shape in the middle. It's so magical! :)

  7. That red hair is gorgeous! I'm a blonde girl and always have been though but I love how her hair is styled so freely. Its breathtaking :) So are all your bokeh pictures! Great job, Lou!

  8. you are SO amazing at what you do. BEAUTIFUL


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