Monday, December 12, 2011


today was a monumental day in history-- i not only finished my second sock ever, but i also finished the worst sock the world has ever seen. it's true. but here they are!

Much Love and hugs from a cozy girl,

Lindsey Lou Who 
(like the Cindy Lou from the Grinch. That's where I originally got my nickname with the 'Lou' on it :)

{p.s. i don't think i mentioned about Seussical auditions, but the weren't so great. However, i did get in and i was cast as one of the Jungle Creatures, along with a bunch of other great girls i've met. Oh, and my brother... well, he got the Cat in the Hat! I'm very proud of him!}


  1. You're rocking those socks, girl! I love the colors! They go great together :)

  2. I LOVE THOSE SOCKS! Awwww, congrats to ya both! :))

  3. I think the turned out really good!! Are the your second pair?!?

  4. Thanks, Y'all!
    Sonya- nope, they're my first, but I'm working on a second pair for lib. :)

  5. These are just adoreable Lou! You did a really good job! :)

  6. Great job with the socks :) Inspiring!

  7. i beg to differ, they are not the worst, they look AHmazing and super cozy! cute colors


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