Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lately Lovely

vintage coat-- thrifted! sorry this is such a terrible picture.

and a drumroll, please!
oxfords! I just got them yesterday for only 5 bucks. Score! 
 and... the past week's decorating in my room.

those twinkle lights went around my bed frame and are now my reading light. since libby and i switched corners, i've been really enjoying how cozy and perfect mine is for reading, writing letters, and knitting (another) pair of socks. 

As for the upcoming events of the night, they will include enjoying my new haircut, watching Holiday Inn (one of my faves!!), and probably eating something yummy. A lovely evening to you, my wonderful readers!

Much Love and a hug,

Lindsey Nicole


  1. Love the coat and shoes! And what sweet (and yummy!) bokeh! :)

  2. JEALOUS. OXFORDS. Oh, and I love your pictures! :)

  3. those oxfords look like mine!! we should get together and sport them at the same time :P great post :))
    -jocee <3

  4. what a cute post, again just so happy i found this blog, darling, and that COAT, it is a good picture, you can see what a score it is, awesome!

  5. Those pictures are amazing. Simply and utterly amazing <3

  6. love the twinkly lights! I definitely want to try that sometime.

  7. so sorry i haven't gotten back to you after your comments on my blog... i really have no excuse. but your comment did make my day! :)
    that last picture is lovely; would you mind if i pinned it?


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