Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Outtakes. {Take two}

Good evening, friends! I'm going to try to keep this post short.
I awoke after a lovely sleep at 6:45 a.m. First came Bible reading, then berry tea. :) Math was next on the agenda, just as usual. I learned about the Hittite warriors and worked on my timeline in history. Of all the days in the week, Wednesdays are going to be the busiest. After work at home, we headed to piano lessons, writing/history class, and set-up for Wednesday night dinner at church. Following set-up, we got to play with a little girl named Susy, also known as the cutes little girl ever! :) Youth group went well for the most part, in the sense that I learned great things and saw dear Celia and Habu. However, I saw someone who I thought I wanted to see, but came to realize that the feeling wasn't mutual. I sat at the table, eating my dinner and nervously awaiting the arrival of this person. I didn't know how nervous I should have been until I saw the look on his face. The determined stride that said 'Don't look over here. Keep moving. Avoid eye contact.' My heart jumped and I frantically began rambling to Celia, something about passing the potatoes, just to appear busy and unaware of his presence. Directly following, I lost my appetite. We didn't talk. I don't think we will. Especially after hearing concerning rumors... I am currently in a cycle of sadness, apathy, anger and ignorance. I am trying to move on, though. Apparently God had a different plan than I did. But that is wonderful, because I trust Him immeasurably more than I trust myself. His plans are the best.
When I arrived home, I was joyously reminded that the mail, which I didn't have time to retrieve in the morning, was waiting for me in the mailbox. A surge of excitement shot through me. Getting the mail when I'm expecting a letter... or two... or three, is my favorite time of the day. And considering that those three letters are resting under my pillow, waiting to be opened while my suspense grows, I'd better go and crack open their secrets. Goodnight, loves!

Thanks for reading!

Love and a hug,

Everest Lynn

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