Sunday, September 11, 2011

The outtakes. {takes four, five and six.}

Hello, dearies! I'm sorry that I didn't post on friday... or saturday. But at least I'm posting today! The weekend has been great, so I'll share some of the highlights.
- I got the cast list for the play and discovered that my speculation was wrong... I am not Susan, not a beaver, but a unicorn. Yes, a unicorn.
- I attended a watercolour class on Friday with some friends and had a great time! Learned a bit, too!
- Yesterday I spent three hours of my Saturday morning taking a practice PSAT test... and yes, I am a freshman. Following those long hours of... loveliness, my mom, sister and I headed to the GAP, grabbed some pizza, and then, giving in to our weak spot for cotton candy ice cream, picked up a quart from our favorite ice cream shop.
- Once we got home, everyone pitched in to clean, and I got the kids' bathroom. I was quite pleased when I realized that the floor was on the agenda. See, I like to scrub the floors because I can imagine that I'm Cinderella. :)
- Following the cleaning came a movie night featuring "Thoroughly Modern Millie", a long, random, funny movie set in the 1920s.
- Sunday school and small group Bible studies started today- so fun! I made some yummy cupcakes for small groups. :)

Getting ready for school to start once again tomorrow morning. Sorry that I didn't have any photos today... still haven't found my charger :/

Well, I'd better be hitting the hay! Or at least getting ready for bed.

Love and a hug!

As ever,
Lindsey Lou

{P.S. Started knitting my first pair of socks yesterday!! I'll post a photo soon!}
{P.P.S. i checked out a couple of Audrey Hepburn books from the library...<3}

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