Sunday, September 18, 2011

The outtakes. {takes eleven, twelve and thirteen}

Good evening, lovelies! Right now my hair is messy and windblown, my stomach is full but unsatisfied, and my heart is a little sore. And I am behind on the outtakes. Sorry about that! I have had a very busy weekend! Well, I have had a few adventures over the past three days, so I'll try to sum them up as eloquently as possible for the time I have to write.
Friday: Our friends came, as I said, and we had the most enchanting breakfast picnic yet! It included a classic picnic basket with red and white gingham liner, white and blue plates, classic 70s mugs, pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins, donuts, hot apple cider, and fruit. I don't have the pictures ready yet, but I'll put them up when I do! Painting class was good, and then I went to a friends house to hang out until evening.
Saturday: I slept in to catch up from loss of sleep on friday... it was much needed. Cleaning, errands, and playing with my new glittery sparkles!!! I have been wanting them for a while and I just picked them up: 30 different colors!! :D They certainly make me happy. In the evening Libby and I went out to the country to babysit, then spent the night and went to church with the family in the morning. It was eventful and exciting... I got spat upon and went to sleep smelling like barf. So lovely. quote of the day:
me: I smell like barf.
Libby: does it smell like bad barf?
me: I smell like baby barf.
Libby: oh, well at least it's not human barf.

See, we weren't babysitting any normal children; they were robots. ;)

Today we went to Sunday School, then helped set up for a lunch at our church. I watched some little children... again and they were a d o r a b l e. And wow, my cat is sitting on my lap between my belly and the keys on this laptop, making it extremely hard to type! Where was I? Oh yes, adorable children. This afternoon I had smallgroups and saw a bunch of friends. Well, this was all very blandly-written. I'm sorry. Tiredness is sweeping over me and making me unable to think clearly. Oh, and I said my heart was sore. Just a bit. The anger I was experiencing is sadness and confusion again. I will survive just fine. I don't cry or get super mopey, I just think (or overthink) things and end up getting hurt, trying to re-live the past. I'm not going to ramble any more than I have right now. I'll move on to something a little more cheerful.

I forgot to say that on Saturday I also went sunflower picking! Here are a few of my pics:

Right now Sonya is on her way to see us! Yay! I'm very excited and still need to un-pack from last night before she gets here!
Much Love and a hug to y'all!!


{pee ess: I mentioned windblown hair at the beginning and it probably sounded like a negative thing, but it's not. I love windblown hair.}


  1. Great post!! I can't wait for day fourteen!! I'm behind on reading these as well. Sorry about that, I tend to forget sometimes. I need a "don't forget" list. Yes, that's it.
    By the way, having a friend named Adelle is awesome! I mean, it's almost like the singer {my most favorite in the whole entire universal scope of things. Wow, that's cool. I'm going to start using that phrase now! :P}
    By the way, your photos are amazing. And I mean Amozzzingg!! Just lovely, although I do have one suggestion, make the photos larger in your posts {but not too large so they don't block your sidebar} so that way people can see more of the detail. Love the second shot, and I think sunflowers are just lovely! What camera do you use? Is it a DSLR, or just a normal camera? I had a Nikon Coolpix...but...ahem...broke it. Anyway...
    Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Thanks!
    Wow, I can't believe I forgot that tomorrow is fourteen! I guess I'll have to do something special if I have time! Ah yes, I need a 'don't forget' list too! Sometimes I actually make one for cool post ideas that I come up with. Oh, about Adelle, it's kind of a funny story there. See, I have this journal called the traveling journal. And I just realized that I wrote a post about it and it never got posted. I'll do that soon! Anywhooo, in this journal two of my friends and I write about all kinds of things, add photos, dreams of our Europe trip that will happen someday, and we have fake names. I'm Everest (or Evvie), and my friend Nina is Adelle (or addie) and another friend, Carolyn, is Cecelia (or Celia). It's pretty much the greatest thing ever... for reals.
    Oh thanks (about the photos)!! That makes me feel so good! Oh, and I love your suggestion!! I will definitely be doing that! One question, though: how do you do it? :) I'm not an expert on these things. I have a DSLR, it is a Canon Rebel and I LOVE it!!!! Except that I haven't used it in a while.:/ I used my family's old rebel for the sunflower pics.
    Well thanks again!



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