Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Apple Pie Adventure

Not so long ago... okay, well, like four days ago, I invited my friend Emalee to hang out so we could finally fulfill our long-awaited get-together. I'm not sure how long we've been planning this, but it's been a long time! Anyway, we decided that apple pie baking should be the activity of the evening... and indeed, it lasted the whole evening and was tons of fun!

we started with our butter and flour and all that stuff to make the crust... following the directions, we kneaded it until it turned to "pea sized clumps". Then we added the ice cold water until it formed a "mass, but not a ball". Good grief! How technical can you get?

... in the process... (photo by Emalee :) I told her she could try out Hobie, and if I'm perceiving things correctly, I think she enjoyed it. :)

... Emalee kneading it...

... our two "masses"...

apples in the wash... aren't they just so beautiful? I couldn't resist!

We attempted to get out the apple peeler/ corer/ slicer, but this is what happened...

we par-baked the crust... don't ask why there are beans in there. I was just following the book... and by now we know how picky the book is, right?
Oh, but don't worry, we didn't eat the beans. ;)

As for the apples, we made up our own recipe. The two books we were using seemed like the authors were either perfectionists or just plain snobs. No, we don't feel like combining the sugar and apples for 30 minutes to draw out the juices, or sauteing them with butter until reduced by half. 

We dumped the apples into the crust... 

... added a lattice top and coated it with cream and sugar...

... and viola! A warm and delicious apple pie!

We dished it up with a generous helping of vanilla ice cream, and it. was. delicious. Of course, it was also great fuel for my race the next morning. ;)

And here we are! I'm sure you were wondering what Emalee looks like unless you've met her... or unless you are her. ;) But yeah, this is her beautiful face! :) It was so much fun! I hope you enjoyed this little adventure, y'all!

Much Love, hugs, pixi dust, dawns, sunsets, brownies, music, and fuzzy socks!

-Lindsey Nicole-

{p.s. yesterday i had to say goodbye to one of my best friends. the day was filled with many tears, 'i love you's, and countless  hugs. everything was very sudden... extremely sudden. as in three hours from when she found out to the time she hit the road sudden. she was-- and still is very loved, and her absence is a big adjustment for so many of us. i love you, Habu- forever and always!!}

{p.p.s. if you would keep her in your prayers, that would be so appreciated! Thank you!!}

{p.p.p.s. tomorrow i am planning on doing something lovely. actually it was on jocee's 15 before 15 list- #10. I am going to watch the sunrise with a cup of tea-- on the roof! :D so. excited.}


  1. Omigosh! That pie looks incredible! Oh goodness, you've got me hungry now haha

    Mind if I follow you? You've got an absolutely gorgeous blog :)

  2. Why, thank you! It was pretty delish, if I do say so myself. :)

    And yes, of course you may! Okay, just so you know, that just made my day! I've been to your blog, too and I love it! You're a very talented writer!!

  3. did i ever tell you i want to be your best friend? well, i do. and that i'm ashamed i'm not following? well, i fixed that. and also, do you have a flickr? :))
    -jocee <3

  4. Oh my sweet tea!!!!! {Hehe I just love saying that} That looks delicious! :))

  5. Jocee- i don't remember you saying that, but thank you! I usually think the same thing about you when i read your posts... or all the time. :) Thank you for following!! Yay! double digits! And also, no, i don't have a flickr. I have a shutterfly in stead. I should get a flickr, though.

    Cindi- haha i love saying that too! Thanks! It was... mmm. and um, yes Habu left. It was very, very sudden. I'm still getting used to it, but yeah. that means we won't see her at history class today :'((

  6. It looks delicious! You guys did a good job!
    Prayers in abundance for Habu.

  7. p.s I LOVE Emalee's shirt! I am pretty sure I have the same one in gray & green, from Old Navy. I love it!

    I like yours too. :D

  8. That looks so good...i love baking pies(:


  9. All the pictures turned out great! Our pie was pretty awesome! :)

  10. sonya- thank you! I like her shirt too! I'm writing you a letter soon... sorry it has taken so long!!

    Oriana- thank you!... me too!!

    Emalee- I'm happy with how they turned out- good job! :) I'd have to agree with you on that! mmm..


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