Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is not my age, but the age of my brother. My big brother who has always been there, who has been my partner in crime, my best friend, my chauffeur, and the one who has warded off crazy Irish people giving away free hugs downtown. Yes, I live in a strange town... but I love it. And I love my brother. We've always been close, but I think we got a lot closer when I was in 7th grade. I don't know how it happened, but I'm very thankful. But now I'm going "eighteen?? How can he be an adult?"  He is, though, I guess. Before long, he'll be going away to college and I will be at home, sad and depressed, wondering what happened. 
However, he's not going away to college yet, so I'm going to celebrate with some memories!

The hours upon end of Bomba-dida and bucking bronco. I don't really know where the first name came from, but we would pile on my dad's back and he would take us around the house as we all said "bomba-dida, bomba-dida". It sounds kind of strange looking back on it, but it's a great memory.

we were always big on taking adventures... as you can see :)

Here, we are sleeping in a wardrobe for some reason...? I'm in the back, kind of hidden.

Little Cameron and his snowman. Now, tell me, how adorable is that?! 

Oh, the things we did to Libby! 

... And oh, the things he did to me. :)

Happy Birthday, brotha! I hope you have a great first year of being an adult, being able to buy spray paint, and being able to get arrested. Please don't get arrested... please. ;)



  1. Awwww!!!! Sweet post!! Don't ya just love siblings! They're the best! :))) happy birthday!!!

  2. okay, so can i just say, this post is just too sweet? and can i also says that your "everything lovely" little blog series is just amazing and i totally want to do it? and can i also say that i have the urge to design your blog? {i know that last one was really random but i want to, lol} and can i also say that your photography is brutally beasty/brilliant? okay. well, your post is just too sweet, your "Everything lovely" little blog series is just amazing and i totally want to do it, and i have the urge to design your blog.
    okay, i said it. there :P
    beautiful posts, dawrling :))
    -jocee <3

  3. Cindi- Thankya! Yes, siblings are the best... especially when you're little and do crazy stuff!

    Jocee- Thank you, dear! You're so sweet! Everything lovely? Feel free to do it if you'd like! I actually thought about doing a linky, but I didn't know if there would be anyone who wanted to do it. :) Blog design? I would love it!!! I've thought about it before, but I honestly have no earthly idea how, so that is why it is so drab. Thank you {about the photography thing}! It's pretty much {one of} my favorite things evah!

    Have a lovely day, you two!


  4. you're very welcome, darling. i can always advertise "everything lovely" on my blog. i know tons of people would totally love to do it.
    i think since your photography is so beautiful, we could do a design that showcases that, in a way. you can send me a comment on your blog with your email {i won't publish it} and i'll contact you with everything :)) this is rather exciting. also, i have an idea and i want you to help me with it :))
    -jocee <3

  5. cool beans! that all sounds great. i can't wait to hear about your idea! :)



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