Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Lately Lovely}

Hi, all! Here's a photo post of a bit of my life over the past week or two. 

happy milkshakes

raccoon hats

chocolate chip pancakes

hot chocolate with colorful marshmallows

antique mugs

antique polaroid cameras (from the antique sale- $3!)


sweet notes from friends

my favorite flashlight 

a jar from the antique sale

carrots from the garden

early morning inspirational sunshine

fallen red leaves

... more fallen leaves

 mini pumpkin cheesecakes

chicken pot pie I made for dinner!



... another pencil... and biology homework.

one of my piano pieces

dirty feet. yes, i know you wanted to see this. ;)

sod. between my puppy and a hot July, we needed to fix the yard... so we got sod.

Much Love, hugs, mustard colored sweaters, hot apple cider, bokeh- abundant photos, music, laughter, and cake to you!

-Lindsey Nicole-


  1. Don't we have a sweet life!? Thanks for reminding me :) And your chicken pot pie was truly amazing. Really. I'm not just saying that.

  2. Oh, the chicken potpie looks good! Good job!


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